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Discussion in 'The Gutter' started by Ramrod, Jan 11, 2019.

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    I've been thinking about getting a prostate massage toy for a while. Never really had the balls but curious about how it feels to get my prostate massaged. Apparently you can reach something called the super orgasm which is like 10x better than a regular orgasm and lasts a really long time.

    I don't now how I feel about putting something in my ass, but to reach something called the "super o" sounds worth it to me. I decided to pull the trigger and ordered one off the internet, it got sent out for shipping this morning and I eagerly wait. This isn't a thrusting toy, this is more let it slide in and sit while it massages your prostate.

    I haven't jacked off in like 6 days and haven't smoked in about 2 months. I decided when this comes in the mail, I'm going to bust out my old fleshlight with wonderwave insert and hands free table mount, smoke some herb and put this prostate thing in my ass while watching some milf porn.

    I know gay will come up in the thread as a reply, I don't think it's gay at all. It's only gay if I think about a dick in my ass while doing it or watching gay porn.
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    It's only gay if another guy spits on it for you as lube

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    So we assume he died?