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    Bonjour, I don't often post on here, but I was wondering what you guys think about your possible future presidents.

    Do you think they're both pretty bad, or is there one that you'd actually vote for. How old do you have to be to vote over there? Who'll be voting, and who will you be voting for.

    As far as I can work out from the British media, Kerry seems to be the lesser of two evils. His manifesto (nothing to do with Ryan Leech) seems far more sensible whereas George Bush has always seemed like a bit of a cowboy to the British.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see what you guys think. If I've offended anybody, then sorry that certainly wasn't my intention.

    Stephen Morris (of Engerland)

    Edit: Sorry, I didn't see the politics subforum, I did think it was strange that I was the first to post about the elections.
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    right now, the people in our country are trying to figure who will not only get the job done well, but who will also bring the country forward economically and prosperously. some feel that bush is the better, others feel that kerry is better. we really wont know who the country wants as president until a few weeks after nov. 2.

    unfortunetly, the country has never been so bi-partisan. kerry, to me, is the lesser of two evils. he will represent me better than bush. for others, bush is a better representative.

    i believe you have to be 18 by the general election to be able to vote.

    in terms of personal qualities, the bush family portrays better qualities than the kerry family

    regardless of who wins, this election will be a MAJOR turning point for our country.