prepering for my first.

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by evileye, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. evileye

    evileye Guest

    hi just wanted some advice as im going to start rail gaps but im a bit scared so any advice is good or how do you deal with the mental battle
  2. sebLG

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    just go em, they are not that bad, and i know this i am very scared of rails but just go em and you will prob make it. dont be sketchy either.

  3. Coramoor

    Coramoor New Member

    Make sure they're dry...
  4. Faction Bike

    Faction Bike Guest

    find some train tracks and practice on those. They are a close to what it feels like (except the height) when gapping a rail. When you take all that practice to a real rail your body won't know how to fail. Also, good brakes help a lot.
  5. uownme

    uownme get high and eat her

    You stick to them better than you think. Just make sure you get all the way up, you will be fine.
  6. RomanC

    RomanC Well-Known Member

    heh make sure that they are sturdy; otherwise, they might flex pretty good. (even so, its not too bad)
  7. Andreas

    Andreas All About Trials

    well, i haven't quite progressed to doing big rail gaps, but i can do small ones. here's how i started:
    at an elementary school near my house, they have a playground. on this playground, there are two different things that can be used to simulate rails. One of them is-two metal rails that start up from the top of the play ground and come down. however, they're not vertical. they're at a 45 degree angle, but at the end they are flat for about 2 feet. they're also about 1 foot off of the ground, and about 3 feet apart. so, what i did was pedal kick onto the first rail, and then go to the next one. they're nice and low to the ground, and the gap isn't to big, so therefor if you do bail or what not, you won't get hurt at all. it may take a while before you get used to getting on the rail, balance, and then gap to the next one. however, once i did it a few times, i can now do it whenever i want.
    another way, that is probably more easily found, are slides. many of them come in pairs (two slides next to eachother, with a divider in between them). if you can find one of these slides taht have 3 'rails', they are good to practice on as well. they also help you get consistent (up, gap, gap, drop). it's small and again, if you bail or don't make the gap you won't get hurt
    hope it helps, the main thing is to commit.
    also, finding another rider in the same position is good as well. you will probably both half ass it until one of you decides to actually go for it, then it's a race to see who can dop it first :D
  8. Pancho

    Pancho Member

    Just start out small and work up, same as everything else in this sport.
  9. 666

    666 Guest

    do it with a friend of the same level and psych each other up to it, .....that is if you have a friend who rides at the same level.

    don't go by ur self, you might crack ur nut or something
  10. stocktrials

    stocktrials Mitch.

    Hey evileye

    Make sure you can do them and can picture yourself landing them.. very important. I can't even remember when I did my first rail gap, you've got me thinking now! Would have been awhile ago now though

    Anyway I found a good way to get prepared was to ride natural.. rock points and weird shaped/angled rocks definately helps to make rails seem easier. Also as you want your rear wheel to be completely centred on rails for both takeoff and landing, make sure you can just throw your weight to above the centre of the rail and push that wheel into the sweet spot!!

    Not QUITE like this.. see where my rear wheel is, its only just made it and even though I can push it slightly further with correction hops..
    [​IMG] want it to be MORE like this.. completely centred (Sam Hull)

    Like others have said.. make sure it is dry and not slippery (even if it is dry) Going thinner in terms of objects (eg ledges, then logs, then rails) first also helps to progress to rails.. Good luck!

    Tell us how you went
  11. evileye

    evileye Guest

    not went for it yet the day i was gonna my m8 feel off and cracked his head open his off the bike for two weeks
    i know this sounds like a lame excuse