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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by OTAdmin, May 16, 2004.

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  1. OTAdmin

    OTAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    First of all, before you vote, at least read the two sentences highlighted at the bottom of this post.

    Well, I want to know what you guys think about possibly migrating the forums over to vBulletin 3.0.1. Normally I would just take it as a given that you guys would like the best forum software available, but this is a special case.

    The problem with migrating over to vBulletin would be that we may lose all photos in the photo gallery software because the user ID numbers would change and coppermine (our photo gallery software) would get confused. I MAY be able to salvage it with enough custom work but it would at least take a couple days worth of work. I will at least attempt it, but until I purchase vBulletin, I can't view the code so I can't say if it is possible because as far as i know, its never been done before.

    On the other hand, the photo album has only been up for about 5 or 6 weeks, so we wouldn't lose too much work. AND, if we put this off for any longer we may end up really screwed if in the future it becomes necessary to do this stuff and we lose the albums.

    All posts. topics. private messages, polls, etc should migrate over just fine, so we wouldn't lose any of that stuff, just the photo gallery.

    The good news is that if we do lose the photo gallery I'm going to be purchasing the software from photopost.com for our new photo gallery and then (if its possible) I wouldn't mind putting in the time to personally move the photos over and basically making your own galleries that already exist in the new software. Basically what I am trying to say is that if it is possible with this new software I would create albums under your username and re-upload the pictures as you, so we wouldn't really lose any content.

    This photopost software is great, it would allow you guys to upload pictures in batches (instead of one at a time), you could even upload zip files full of pictures for your albums. You can rotate and flip-flop pictures through the web interface. You can read up on all the features here: http://www.photopost.com/featuresphp.html.

    vBulletin software is (in my opinion) the best forum software available. There is so much user customizability in your control panel. We would have birthdates, real names available, a calendar, possibly even your own private calendar for marking events for yourself, and a lot more (possibly riding class? :eek:).
    We can create sub-forums which would be great for areas like reviews, it would also be much easier for me to create a trials FAQ (which means I'd get moving on it). I can enable photo attachments and you can attach multiple files per post. I know a lot of you are used to the old views of BBSes with inline viewing; you can choose any three types of views for the forum. You can have a photo of yourself in your profile. There are a lot more features in vBulletin and its so unbelievably nice, you can read about more features here: http://www.vbulletin.com/features.php

    One of the best features of this for me is the administrator control panel is so much more sophisticated it would make it so much easier to manage the forums.

    If the poll is close I may just go for it, but its not cheap so this isn't an easy choice... I don't mind dumping more money into the site because I think we undoubtedly have the best trials community online here.

    Now, vB and photopost are two nice pieces of software that cost actual money and have full time support teams. This means that no upgrades will be needed in the foreseeable future. I may also then purchase reviewpost (from the makers of photopost) for product reviews, but in the meantime I am already thinking of spending far more money than I want to. All of this software will integrate much more smoothly as photopost and reviewpost are modeled similary to vB and the site would be much more fluid with similar or the same skins available for all areas of the site.

    Also, I know some of you guys may have some questions so I want to answer at least one first:
    Q: Why didn't I do this when starting the site? A: I started this site about 9 months ago as many of you know, and it was not economically feasible at the time. Not only that, but when I started this site I never expected it to blow up like this and be so popular; I was content with phpBB but now its becoming more and more apparent to me that it just isn't powerful enough to handle what I want it to do.

    Lastly, I think this is a couple weeks away, but I may "get a wild hair" and go for it if I can't quell this desire to improve the site. I will let the poll run for 10 days otherwise and even if "Go to vBulletin" doesn't win I may go for it if its close because I think this needs to be done.

    If nothing else, read this:
    Don't vote "leave it alone" because you want to make my job easy or save me money. This is something I want to do and think needs to be done. The only reason I can really fathom for someone voting "Leave it alone" is because of the photos already in the album (which I may be able to save anyhow).

    Please share with me your reasons for voting the way you did!

    Thanks for looking it over guys,

  2. CoppellStereo

    CoppellStereo Ruff Rider

    I kind of like that photopost thing. :cool:

  3. Pawel Sutkowski

    Pawel Sutkowski Guest

    I said go to vBulletin because I don't have any photos in the :Wavey: gallery.
  4. Rob.K

    Rob.K Guest

    great idea.

    Those that have pics in the gallery have most of them saved on their computors anyway. So it's just a matter of putting them on the site again. Not a big deal to improve this site.

    I voted for vbulletin.
  5. AgrAde

    AgrAde From your head to your fists

    upgrade. i like vbulletin better to use, and if it is better to manage as an admin then why wouldn't you want to?

    pictures aren't hard to resubmit, just tell everyone to copy their ones onto their hdd and upload them later. heh, good luck with your hundreds of pictures.
  6. hydroboy

    hydroboy "Jak se mas"

    i just want to say if we do get an FAQ section and somone new to the site asks "will a minion fit in a bt raven" every posts:

    Read teh FAQ.

    Use the search button.

    blah blah blah im king of shit....

    over and over again. It is one of the things that realy shits me on trials forum, more so then somone typing a question which has been asked before. Sure say there is infomation on the FAQ but it is not often that the faq will answer a persons specific question. For example will a minion dh fit on a BT Raven with a koxx rim?
  7. Coramoor

    Coramoor New Member

    25 to 1 in favor of the new stuff...
    It sounds cool too.
  8. DMArnt

    DMArnt Guest

    Hey, if it works for a Mac, do it. If not .. who cares do it anyway.

  9. Ed Gildea

    Ed Gildea New Member

    i think its great. vb is rad. it was on this old forum i used to visit, i say do it! :)
  10. ascentrek

    ascentrek Original power yuppie

    You've done an excellent job here, I can't imagine why you wouldn't do the same on different software. Go for it.

  11. redneck_biker

    redneck_biker Guest

    haha its 32:1.
    great job man you should change it up. i love this place now its gonna be even better.

    cheers, Jordan.
  12. OTAdmin

    OTAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the support everyone. It will probably still be a couple of weeks as I need a couple paychecks first, but it is basically unanimous :).

    hydroboy, I agree on the whole "rtfm" shit. We'll just have to figure out how to handle it as things progress. Possibly only one read the faq post per thread like that, just so they know its available, and everyone else can then address the question directly. I can always delete posts if people are being dicks to newbies for no reason and I may add a couple more mods to the line up since vBulletin is so user-friendly... we'll just have to see.
  13. afrobot

    afrobot Aluminum is for recycling

    I'd rather you save your money and stay in Colorado where you are loved and worshipped. :bigthumb:

    If I could find a problem with the site or you were not able to compete,I'd vote otherwise. :bigthumb:
  14. OTAdmin

    OTAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    I'd love to stay in CO, its just not in my best interest at this time. My check should be for just under 800 this week and some weeks this summer i'll make $1500 or more if I have to go out and labor. I would probably average around $40-50k a year here with no college education (considering I haven't graduated yet), and thats actually not bad pay when you consider the cost of living in Iowa to places like Boulder ($300 a month here for a 2 bedroom apt, $1000+ in boulder) and most college summer jobs offer about $10 an hour and less experience. I get to work directly with the president here and see exactly how the business is run. I just can't afford to not work here during summers... besides, I'll be back in CO before too long ;).

  15. Ryden

    Ryden Guest

    I voted to go for it. Sounds like a great improvement. Just a note, I know it doesnt matter, but will everyone go back to a "new member" status? Itd be pretty confusing especially if people changed their names...
  16. OTAdmin

    OTAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    Nope, everyone will be able to set their own user text on this board, and if they don't want to it will use the standard classes I already have set up, so if you're a gold member, you'd stay a gold member, silver stay silver, etc.

  17. Realise.

    Realise. Guest

    Product Reviews, aww yeah.. :eek3danc:
  18. OTAdmin

    OTAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    haha, not for sure yet, I may keep using coppermine and buy reviewpost instead, which would give us a gallery, a review board, and forum. I've been checking out some photopost sites and the slideshow function is horrible and they don't have an exif function, both are crucial in my opinion. Coppermine 1.3 should be coming out soon and I'm hoping they will create a batch upload or zip upload for it. I have to do more researching on both yet and whats coming in the future to both of them. There is also 4images software which a lot of people like but I don't care for... yet. I haven't spent much time on any of those sites so I'll be looking into it as well.

  19. trialspads

    trialspads TrialsPads.com

  20. planetary1

    planetary1 New Member

    I voted go for it. If it makes things easier for you and gives us new features then it sounds good to me.