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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Christian C, Aug 11, 2004.

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    Hey. I just started trials riding this week. I bought a used monty x lite on ebay, but I dont really have a clue as to where to start. If anyone knows of any instructional videos , helpful sites to go to, or anything else that might help a noob out please let me know.
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    Not to be a smartass, but this site is pretty helpful. Just do a few searches for what you're interested in, pretty much most topics are covered somewhere on this site. Also, just try to find a few riders in your area, and ride along with them, after a few rides, you'll be surprised at what you pick up on. Practive trackstands with and without brakes, maybe just hopping up a few stairs etc. until you start building up your balance. Don't jump in head over heels and worry about the big stuff, time will bring the skills for that stuff if and when you're ready for it. Most importantly to me, would be to not give up or get frustrated too easily.
    ~Good luck
    Bruce Wagner

  3. Bloodhound

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    The best thing for a new rider is to ride your bike. Spend as much time on it as possible. The curb outside your house will soon become your new best friend.

    Probably the 3 first things to learn are: trackstanding, rocking, (both are methods to balance when stoped) and pivoting (poving the front or rear wheel to a side).

    Just have as much fun as you can, watch trials vids for inspiration if you like. Search the media forum.
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    www.biketrials.com still has some good useful tips for beginners.. poke around a bit there too.
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    I think each of those sites has some links to other sites as well. These were really helpful for me in the past. Other than these, just check out as many videos as you can find, especially the ones at trials-online.com, because those are designed to teach you, a lot of other videos showcase biking at around the 2-3+ year level. The only other thing i can recomend is make fast friends with a trials rider in the area, having someone helpful to show you the tricks is very, extremely helpful.

    Don't mind the lack of sense-making, I'm flushed.
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    I would say to learn your balance before anything is even ATTEMPTED on the rear. Learn to trackstand and pivot before you even ATTEMPT to get on your rear. Your balance orientation will be so much better, and you'll find you won't be juggling your balance with learning stuff on the rear.

    It sucks, I did that for 3 weeks before I even tried to pedal kick....but you'll be better in the end....

    Somebody on here posted a little learning curve "faq" in a post and it's actually pretty good....
  7. Andreas

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    Fpllow these IN ORDER

    -Learn to trackstand without brakes for as long as you want (at least 1 minute +)
    -Learn to do rocks with brakes on (Where you rock back and forth by doing a tiny endo about 1 cm off the bround, then do the opposite with front end. Do small corrections. Be able to go for 1 minute +)
    -Learn to pivot around (You should be comfortable with 90 degree pivots in BOTH directions, going on front wheel AND back wheel). Be able to make a full circle by alternating from front to back, front to back etc)
    -Learn to control your endo's. You don't need a 4 foot tall endo just to get on back tyre. Learn to do small ones but still be able to get onto rear tyre.
    -Learn to get on back wheel and hop up and down. (You should practice these until you get about 7+)
    -Learn to get on back wheel, let go of brake and start to do a wheelie (in preperation for pedal kick). So, get on back wheel (don't do any hops), let go of brake and just wheelie for a pedal stroke or two. Then, grab back brake and let front end come down.
    -Learn to do what I just said, but now with the pedal kick motion (Just 1/4 pedal rotation, then brake back on. No hopping).
    -Now throw in a hop, and you'll have pedal kicked.

    from a post i had made on the second page, regarding gap's thread of "help on pedalkicks" or something smilair.
  8. Bloodhound

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  9. killjoy

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    www.biketrials.com still has some good useful tips for beginners.. poke around a bit there too.
    ________________like tzimon said
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    The best site out there for beginners (I think) is probably www.trials-online.com and the FAQ associated with that site, www.assault.tk. www.biketrials.com does still have good how-tos, but the how-tos accompanied by videos at t-o are great :). There is good news in this sites future though. I have just been swamped at work since about early-mid June, but in about a week I should have some free time that I would like to be able to spend on the site doing some minor revamps and what not. The whole "chat" function (that is probably not even functioning right now) will be revamped. and hopefully some form of support for beginners, either in the form of a FAQ, dedicated forum, or something (not sure what yet). Anyhow, I hope you can find what you're looking for there and keep coming back here too :).

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