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please help! cant find a front mod rim that is black!!!

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hello, Im in some serious ****!!! jk..but i need to find a black front mod rim for a echo team! i have looked all over but i cant find one..i need it to match the try-all drilled 19 inch from webcyclery.com..no offense to anyone but i dont want to look silly with 1 silver rim and 1 black rim, i think that just doenst look right..thanks for anyones heLP! :bigthumb:
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or get a try-all front rim. or a rhyno lite bmx rim. or use what you have and spray paint it like a hardcore bmx'er would. spray paint makes you dab less too.
I'd recommend the try-all rim for the front too, or as Kevin said, just tape off the nips and spray-paint it :)
Tryall Rims are sweet but just use the spray paint idea.....save ya some cash it will look schwank
The two BMX'rs I ride with spray painted their rims, looks good and holds well.

Im surprised Tryall America didnt ask you for the love though.... :p
I have an old onza front mod rim, made by Alex, thats black, have you checked www.supercycles.co.uk , they may have something your looking for..
no offense sonny boy, but how the hell to expect a mod bike not to look silly? They are the shittiest looking things I have seen in my life!
What front silver mod rim have you got now? whatever it is stick with it, no one cares what it looks like, atleast its not brown with green m0uld growing from it, spend your money else where..paint it..save $$££
drink 20 Guinness extra stouts, wait till mourning, shit all over your front wheel. it will be black.
Or drink 9 COORS FUCKING LIGHT like robbie pfunder and be ass wasted.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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