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PLaying with camera, natural ride...

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bout 3 mins long, up on engoogliedooody because no one can host it right now.

The ride was a very short one, i was just using my camera, expect nothing insane.


EDIT: video now available only in the video section!

or engoogliedisoosd:

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Tut, i guess i'll have to stay up another 10 minutes to download and watch this now...!

Heheh, nice little vid :joshers: You'll have it one day ;)

The music is freakin weird though :ugh:
Haha I love it!
tart u used prefuse 73 in one of your vids, as per your friends influence.
weird music but cool vid. i have had days where i could have made 50 shots from the same angle of me messign up the same move over and over... i know how you feel. how much tape did you go through filming yourself like that?

good moves, really good save at 1:30 into it... good job.
god damn thats some crazy appealing style. youll hit that rock one day :slap: but seriously, that looked real good, I like alot.

andrwe ha no style..pfft haha... i am 40% finished with the dl..
Could somebody put that on a different server or something? Engogidee or whatever rarely ever works for me.
i love it.
thanks for the kind words. I would probbably go ride that rock tomorrow and get it really fast, but I fear I won't be able to breathe (sickness going from head to chest fast). I used about 30 mins of footage, and tons of that is just blank (im not too keen on the whole remote thing...would just rest with it recording). I rode for about an hour and thats what I got, most of that time was setting up the camera.
BTW paul if you liked my style, keep an eye out for colorado trials 6 in the next week or two... I heard I might be in it.

Also I got my video camera at 11 am, I rode at 2 pm, video was out by 6:45 pm....basically, expect tons more from me in the future- especially if I have someone to actually hold the camera for me. This vid is in chronological order, that gap to front wheel was the first move I did etc. I put 20 minutes into editing this, which is mostly just fades, I didn't even want to put music in it but hydro boy told me to :) Glad you were all freaked out by it, look forward to being freaked out in the future as well.
Nice vid.

I just bought my self a capture card and got some gay fottage from comp we just had. I only got abit of footage so expect the some gay shit. But i will release it since i have a gay free webspace from my gay isp. I fucking hate people that say gay. It will be up tonight my time, tommorow morning yours... Like a few hours from now. Ramble ramble ramble.
AndrewT said:
tart u used prefuse 73 in one of your vids, as per your friends influence.
I know... but it was his influence, haha, i just asked for a song to use :greddy:

(I didnt even know the song on your vid was prefuse 73 :eek3: )
Crap, sometimes I hate Mac. I can hear everything, but just a blank screen. Same with the last video you made Andrew.

If you want me to see it, re-export it as .avi
sweet video. really liked your style. hopeto see more soon. some pretty big moves in there. the only thing i can say is that i would rather have just natural sounds of the bike etc. as oposed to that music but that's just me. that rock looked hard. remined me of yesterdays ride, where i couldn't make this one up. i was close every time, but only made it once or twice. pissed me off :down: ace vid :bigthumb:
I'd rather just Prefuse and no bikes...Anrew likes good music when he's sick.Joy Division takes a toll on the immune system.
That woodman makes you ride like shit.I'm not looking forward to you getting THE frame.
I'm an arse..That came off a little dumb.

cool vid.
yeah, nice video man wierd tunes though.. ???

nice riding :)
that was a sweet vid. i like those front wheel gaps. even though u filmed it urself it still looked good.

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