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Directly from Brant at Planet-X-Bikes:
For the UK market ONLY ! In 2004 its true we will not be producing any
zebdis or pitbulls or jack flashes .

However, due to centralised warehousing we will continuing with the parts program .

We hope to continue our involvement with the trials kings cos we love them

For USA/Canada and rest of Europe it is up to the individual distributor.
If this is true, it's not good news for the trials world. Planet-X owns a large share of the frame market because they make a frame that is pretty well rounded. Watch here and we'll keep you posted.


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This is what Christian at Cycles-simtra had to say:

So here it is again, just to clarify the situation with Planet X. Frames are NOT dead!

For 2004 season ; FOR THE UK MARKET ONLY it is planned to discontinue the zebdi ,jack flash and pitbull
We are continuing with our parts and accessories .
We hope to continue our involvement with the trials kings . (read between the lines here, maybe another frame for 2005 season that clearly will have trials kings involvement.)

For the present moment and 2003 its business as normal and all frames are available through planet x and its worldwide distributors .

In Canada the frames are still going to happen and we will be improving on them.

So nothing as changed. It is business as usual!

Stop Freaking OUT!
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