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Planet-X considering a new, comp-oriented frame

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Planet-X-Bikes is currently researching a new competition oriented frame. They are unsure of the geometry, but their first rough ideas have put it in similar categories as the Koxx and Woodman frames, with this concept: "shorter stays, longer tt, lower stand over" (as compared to current zebdis). I don't expect the wheelbase to be as extreme as the 1100, or the chainstays to be 15" or less, but from what I understand, both will be close. I'll be updating you as more information is made available to me.
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bleh, close isn't good enough if they want to compete. the only bike i would want besides mine is an XTP... but that's expensive.
You never know Dolphin, things aren't really tested in this area. The truth is, we have several frames longer like this, the Woodman, koxx, echo pure, crescent(?), and maybe now the coustellier's frame. I don't think we've had the long bike geometry tested enough to know if we can make improvements. Have we really hit the "sweet spot" yet? I guess we just need to give Planet-X the benefit of the doubt. They're a good frame company, and I think they'll come through with a good frame here.

I'll just be happy when someone can produce a steel trials frame with competition geometry.
UPDATE 10/15/03 5:38 P.M. EST:

The chainstay length has been decided at 15.1" and the wheelbase will either be 1050, 1055, or 1060mm.
any word on standover yet? long bikes dont work all that well with out gobs of standover to help it out. anyhoot- glad to see px may actually be putting some effort into making a comp frame after two years of people screaming for one.
All I know is that the standover will be "low", as for seat tube length, and tube angles, I haven't received any information. You can bet I'll be releasing the info when I get it.

UPDATE 10/16/03 3:45 A.M. EST:

It appears as though Planet-X may go half-assed on this frame. They're intent is to make a new "comp-oriented" frame, but their plan is to include a working seat-tube and V-brake bosses. Nothing wrong with V-brakes of course, but the adaptors for maguras SUCK. In my opinion, they should use four bolt mounts and develop a working magura 4bolt -> V adaptor. Am I off-base here? Would it not be easier to make 2 adaptors that screw into the 4 bolt mounts and then the bike is effectively a V-brake frame?
a 4 bolt > v brake adapter with a built in booster would be nice, adapters usually equal a ton of flex.
They are only THINKING of making one? heres the new frame pictured under Tibo...

4 bolt mounts :)
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Umm no, I'm not referring to the TIBO, this will be an entirely new frame :slap:
that tibo frame was hideous. i dont care if he got third on it or not that frame made me want to not ride a px even more. come on, a stock frame in a uci worlds comp with a freakin bashplate mount... go px! :ugh2:

anyhoot- i wouldnt doubt it if px did half ass this project. it probably started out as am amazing idea and then the people who run the bis said "how can we mess this up" and then did exactly that. Planet X: kick ass products from an anus of a company.
sense bitterness much?
i;m with kevin on this one. that's one ugly bitch of a frame. as for the 1050-1060 wheel base... that isn't going to cut it. to compete they need to do a 1065, at least! 1080 would be preffered and 1100 is cheating. As for mounts... make it V. that's one ara that would intice me to buy one. I know for a fact my V's on my PX were 10x stronger than the Maguras on my Koxx(haha, that sounds funny.... magura on my koxx)
UPDATE 10/19/03 2:07 A.M. EST:

The specs have been decided and the drawings are being made.

Chainstays: 15.1"
Wheelbase: 1050
seat tube: 9"
seat tube: working seat
brake bosses: V

Looks like a cop out to me, but we'll have to see how the thing rides before we know for sure :)
so it's a zebdi +10mm :ugh2: sounds like the judis priest video i saw the other day... really fucking gay.
hell_boy said:
so it's a zebdi +10mm :ugh2: sounds like the judis priest video i saw the other day... really fucking gay.
Most people believe the PX wheelbase to be 1040, when in reality it's 1014. It will be a considerable improvement over the zebdi I hope, but it's still a let down compared to what I had been told they intended to design at first.
Are you sure about the wheel base? I measured my Mk5 roughly and thought is was longer than that- around 1041, the fork can make a diff.

If you have a Koxx or a long bike could you measure it's wheelbase and post it
-do it like this so its all relative...
1stand the ready to ride bike upright against a wall on a smooth floor
2use a plum bob to find the points directly below the axles
3measure the "effective" wheelbase from point to point

I may have just got the numbrs mixed up in my head but Ill re-do it again tomarrow cause I wanna know neways

per donay moo'wa, but I think that thibo frame is very nice lookins
is it steel?
the tibo frame is ti i think. it stinks, i wouldnt ever buy one.

my px mk3 was short as hell, like 1010mm wheelbase. this is what the 02 echos were. short.

1050 is just long enough to make it impracticle for street type riding and just short enough to not really be worth considering it when buying a "long" bike. way to go px, you've done gone and dropped the ball on this frame. maybe if they sposored riders who were serious uci competitors they could get input on developing something worth two poops in that bike catagory. tibo rides uci and does quite well actually but i doubt they asked him for any input and if they did they didnt listen.

if you measuer your axle to axle with a tape measure it will give you the wheel base. no need for a plumb bob. your axle to axle length is the same- on level ground your tire touches the ground directly under your axle. or at least i would think it does.
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