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Pics from Horsetooth in Ft. Collins, CO

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sorry they are scaled down to %20 to fit... i have all the hi res on my computer. pics from Boulder tommorrow.

Andrew on a big ass rock

silhouette of Dave


Andrew dropping downhill-- scary



Elan and Patrick discussing how many fists they can fit in an eskimo

Dave... no body is watching

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those first few are pure sex..
what camera are you using htere and is it totaly on auto?
now that's NATURAL natural - I think photoshop has a "optimise for web" or similar function which is a preset medium of quality/size - those file sizes are huge ! nice res though - good spy photos.

Elan - who uses a rapidfire shifter on a trials bike ?!

looks like everyone would rather attend the Andrew Tonkery school of handlebar inspection than watch poor Dave's gap - you guys have snow? that's like water, right, but you have to wait for it to melt (sp?) before it dries up?

- Joel
i am using a Fuji Finepix S5000. it's in full manual mode. there are auto modes, but there is much more flexibility in manual. hehe, i just got it for Christmas and i love it. :D
nice res - you'll like it

- Joel
lol i guess most of them didn't come out? And yes, my handlebars are pure sex.
they all came out fine i just don't have time to site here resizing and uploading 100000000000000 pics.
i dont even remember waht we were looking at..probably "scrumtralescent"
Some really cool, artsy pics in there Dolphin, you've got quite the eye for photos.

Dave said you took another cool picture of him though... care to share? :naughty:
Who forgot to tell Patrick that it was 'red shirt' day?
both patrick and dolphin are non-celebrators
I think Mr Hellboy should put all the pics in a zip file and upload them to this site. Because they are some of the best pics ive seen.
i am going to give all of the pics to kevin next weekend on CD for COtrials. i will talk to Bill as well about getting them uploaded into a gallery. There will be plenty more pics to come. Keep in mind these scaled down images don't do the hi res any justice :D

thanks for all the compliments guys i really do appreciate it. :)
'ere are sum more:

warming up on an uphill gap:

I can float:


Dave raging it red shirt style, gaps to the top of the other one:

enjoy :wavey:
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