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    Hey guys and gals,

    For those of you who don't know me, I am Lee Allen. Hi! I have been talking with some riders about the OTS series and getting it back up and running. For 2004 I have been a co-organizer of the O-cup DH and will be doing the same thing again for next year and would like to ad this to the DH venues.
    For those of you who know me, you should know that I have the experience and dedication to run this series properly and can attract sponsor and stellar locations. I have been organizeing some successful trails demos and a few people from this site have been involved in them. I just need to know that the riders are behind it and willing to help and give me input.

    There are a few things I would need, First and most important is your support and any thoughts on what would make it successful. Is there any volunteer support? Are you guys willing to travel a bit in Ontario to participate? Will you be comfortable if the type of comp and course changes to suit venue? One time could be natural and the next it could be urban or speed. What kind of prizing is needed to attract people? Is everyone going to be willing to buy a OCA licence? (I will make arrangements in regards to coss when i know if there is support) How many venues and comps makes it worth your time? Do you like the idea of being judged, and what format of judging do you prefer.

    Please voice your opions here and feel free to fill up my inbox with your thought and recomondations as well. [email protected] Also if there is other sites that I should put this up on.


    Lee allen
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    eeekkks......not too many Ontario guys here that didn't already respond on biketrials.ca.

    Any thoughts on rules and layouts from an experienced group would still help.

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    I know there were a lot of ontario riders at dropmachine.com a couple years ago. Its mostly geared towards freeriders, but there were trialsers there when i last checked. You might want to at least give it a look if you want a response :\. Good luck.