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    I received this e-mail and I just thought I'd pass it along. I've gone to this comp twice and it is awesome. For all of you in Ontario, NY, PA, OH, IN, and MI it is something to consider, well worth the drive. Tedd Webb and his family run it and they are some very nice people. They throw a mean event too with incredible sections, great location, nice prizes and trophies, food, etc.

    OTS#1 2004
    August 15th @ "The Farm", Bethany

    This competition will be run in conjunction with the
    Alpha Racing Crazy 8s Relay race.

    There will be Begginner, Sport, Expert and Pro
    categories, individually divided up into stock and mod.
    Unicyclists may compete in the mod category.
    Registration for all categories will be from 8:30 am to
    9:30 am, It is $25 to enter. Event day registration is
    available only. Beginner and Sport sections will be
    open at 10:00am and close at 12:30pm. Registration
    will re-open for Expert and Pro categories between
    12:00pm and 12:30pm. Expert and Pro sections will open
    at 1:00pm and close at 3:00pm. Awards and draw prizes
    will be at 3:30pm.

    As this is an OCA(Ontario Cycling Association)
    sanctioned trials competition, in addition to the event
    fee, you must have an OCA membership. Full Season OCA
    meberships will be available on site for $20 if you are
    under 16 or $30 if you are over $16. This OCA
    membership will be valid for all of 2004 so you will
    not need to pay anymore OCA fees to compete in any
    other OCA Sanction event this season.
    Memberships from last year will not be valid this year.
    However there will also be a $5 one-day OCA membership
    available for the event, this may also be purchased on

    Helmets are mandatory to compete.

    Camping is available Satuday night at no cost.

    Directions to Bethany: From the 401. Get off the 401
    at #115/Hwy35, which is near Bowmanville, East of
    Toronto, West of Kingston. Go North on #115 until you
    come to County Road#32/Porter Road. The "Bethany" signs
    will direct you to Bethany. Follow these signs. Go on
    Prter Road until you come to Weston Road. Turn right
    onto Weston Road (gravel road) and go about 1-2 Km to
    the farm laneway. There will be signs.

    This is going to be an ultra rad comp, expect some more
    classic Ted Webb section building. I'm going to try and
    make the sections as fun as possble.
    Hope to see you all there for a good time.

    Ted Webb
    [email protected]