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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Brisab, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Brisab

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    Just bout 2 buy some new tyres and was thinking bout th onza ones for a 20 inch Sould i just get monty1s or koxx ? or onza . The onza one seem good value but are they any good ?
  2. Andreas

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    Just to let you know on Trials-forum.co.uk you'll get a much quicker result. You can also just use the search function over there seeing as this topic gets asked maybe 3 times daily.

    Try All tyres are by far the best tyre out there right now. Seems like you're from the UK though, so you probably ride street? If you do, just get teh Monty's. Try Alls have great grip on rocks (and urban) but wear down fast. You'll find the Monty's hae all the grip you need but will last for months and months upon end wheras with the Try All's they wear out in about 6 months (that's worn out to the point where if you run your finger along the top of the tyre, it's as smooth as a tube).

  3. Spacemunkee

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    if your talking about the sticky fingers i bought one for the rear about 3 months ago although i ride 26. Its really really impressed me.. you'll find it a bit weighty but when i say this has pinch resistance its such a understatement i have landed some gaps sooooooooooooo harsh it makes me cringe due to slipping off pedals etc and the tyre has taken it like a man and not faulted one bit. As for the grip ive found no problems with it .. the sidewalls are super thick so you can run some low pressures without any worries. As for the tread when they say the inner is soft it really is.. the whole of my middle square tread has worn down but each side of that everything is fine. All in all i see it as a superb buy no matter what anyone else says ill definitely be buying another for the price :) .. Munkees verdict: 9/10 yummy 2 punctures since ive had it all from glass..