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If this kid isn't already getting beat up everyday in high school, he is now

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holy jeeebus... thats kinda... weird

this kid at my school joined 'step club' this year. its basically the 'dancing black girls' club put as un-politically correct as possible. its funny as shit though cus he actually learned the moves and the routine. i dont respect him any more now but it certainly is entertaining watching this white dude dance with a bunch of girls.
if only you knew how much poontang he gets :slap:

haha..smart fucker.. jesus, i wish i was that smart, and had that kinda guts.. i dont though. so i am here, typing words into the computer. like you..hey. get a job!
I'm thinking he's of a homosexual persuasion and not getting the poon elan
there are some whackos like that at my school, but evan worse theres a few its if you know what I mean.
We had a kid who dressed like MJ every day and danced for change at lunch.He even picked up the pennies.He performed at open mike at a local pub and hi only supporter was some graesy old child molester looking guy that he lived with.Sad....His last name was Crapps.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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