OMG, My wife wants to learn Trials!

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by ascentrek, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. ascentrek

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    My wife is interested in learning trials riding. Probably more for the technical skills so she can translate them to mtn biking, but also wants to ride for fun (or just mucking around). She got on my stock bike this weekend and cruised around for a bit, but would love to learn more.
    So, I'm happy to help her out, but I am curiuos how other spouses/girlfriends/S.O.'s got into it. What did you do? what bike to get her? Are there other women riders that she can hang out with?

    I'd like to buy her a mod, preferably a Koxx mod (cause I want to play on it as well).

    Would love to hear suggestions and comments.
  2. RomanC

    RomanC Well-Known Member

    Get her some shin pads unless you dig women with scars :)

  3. afrobot

    afrobot Aluminum is for recycling

    I'm glad our chance encounter led to something.To be quite honest for her weight and skill ,I doubt she could destroy a tank in her first year.A used monty wouldn't be bad either.If she takes it at all seriosly she could make the US team ,as there are no other women it seems.
  4. Tanner

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    my girlfriend is deathly afraid of trials. You got lucky. I'd go for a monty mod for her. Depends on her size (oh man, totally don't take that the wrong way)
  5. Stock

    Stock Tumescent.

    Do NOT get a tank mod. I know someone who is 110 pounds and destroyed a tank by doing correctional hops up stairs in less than a week. HEH
  6. Andreas

    Andreas All About Trials

    monty mod would be the best bet, seeing as a koxx mod (i'm assuming you would get the long one), would be hard for her to learn on. speaking of monty mods, i have an x lite for sale (complete, spare a front rim and the HS-33 brakes need some repair). send me a PM or post here if you might want it...
  7. Sonic

    Sonic Plaid, I have not gone.

    My wife was interested for ~month. I setup up my old homegrown stock for her with maggies and all. She learned to trackstand reliably for about 20 seconds but started to become a little annoyed with it all. She had trouble with side to side balance a lot, the standover on the bike wasnt that great, and she just wasnt digging the posture the old XC bars demanded.

    So we started looking into getting her a mod for more control and standover. We looked at Koxx, Echo, and finally Monty. Everything was too expensive, but along came MeanTodd and his old pink Monty he chose to sell because of health problems. I showed it to her, she didnt like pink, and all of a sudden, she hated the idea of a mod. MeanTodd's ugly pink Monty turned her off to the whole idea. Soon after that she became a bit more frustrated with learning to trackstand and couldnt get some of the other basic moves. She didnt necessarily decide to quit, it just kind of happened, I think she's more XC bound, wanting to move quickly instead of stay in one spot and practice some small technique.

    Anyway, that's my story, all women are different, but my wife became frustrated with it pretty quickly. Good luck with yours, perhaps stay away from ugly pink mods so she doesnt hate trials instantly. :p

    And yeah, she wore my shinguards, definitely a must.
  8. DanBowhers

    DanBowhers I farted.

    I am so glad my girlfriend has no interest in trials...It would probably lead to breaking up when I couldnt teach her
  9. B1105

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    Thats pretty sweet I guess, you can score montys pretty cheap i think, especially x-lites. How old is she if I may ask? It seems trials attracts like the older than teenagers crowd more than teenagers. (older than 18 ish).
  10. Shipley

    Shipley ..........

    Waiting on extra cash to pick up a mod that my lady wants to try. (On the condition that she can custom paint it some crazy color I think she said...)
  11. goose

    goose New Member

    word up,

    My GF had the same thing, only we went ahead and bought a second hand megamo mod, as they're supposed to be really easy to learn and better for smaller people. Unfortunately, my GF WAY prefers riding trialsy/urban things on here FR bike. I think it's the geometry/shocks. We did lots of technical riding in vancouver and at whistler, and she enjoys simulating that with urbany/trialsy sections. I would avoid jumping into such a trials dedicated machine. If you want one, though, my GF is selling her megamo mod.

    You can learn loads of trialsy moves on a regular bike as long as your brakes are strong enough, bars wide enough, and pedals don't require shoe cleats:)

    my $0.02
  12. Trialsking

    Trialsking Retired from Trials

    My wife goes almost everywhere I go when I trialsin, and sometimes it drives me crazy. Trials in MY playtime, and yet she still comes along. Even if its a group ride and we just play on the same rock for 2 hours she is there. But she does judge at most competitions when we wouldnt normally have any judges. And the fact that she and her sister judged at Keyesville and then won an echo pure frame that they gave me was a good thing. Oh well, thats life I guess.
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  13. Turtlehead

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    Lol, dude... pete, I gotta say, I thought for a while there your wife wasn't gonna let you keep riding trials... ;)
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  14. Paulsf

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    Is that the world famous "turtlehead" tim H? I thought you went and joined a cult or something. when are we going to see your smooth riding style at socal comps again?
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  15. Elan

    Elan steve french

    totally get your wife a koxx. then you get to play with it too, like you said.

    i wonder how long her interest will last. i have been around some girls interested in trials. that interest lasted for about 2 hours.
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  16. AndyT

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    I don't think my girlfriend even knows how to ride a bike, and thats OK with me.

    Good luck taylor :bigthumb:
  17. Turtlehead

    Turtlehead Guest

    Sup Paul... yep, tis me... I dunno... I'm trying to get a new bike together and then start riding again... hopefully be out there soon
  18. klophaus

    klophaus Guest

    Hate to be negative, but if she rides for more than a week or two I'll be surprised. Trials has some nasty plateaus that are tough for anyone to stick with. Most girls tend to get discouraged really easily. Best of luck, but I'd buy the mod you want or one you can sell easy.