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Okay, I'm gettin' a King, what spokes / Rims?

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I'm buying a CK Rear hub. What spokes do you suggest? I take it 3 cross is the standard. What Rim?
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14/15/14g db

3 cross

as for rim, either a try-all or a dx-32
taylor, use an Alex dx-32 rim, the try-all wont fit your PX....
get a tioga dh rim- the try all wont fit at all and the dx-32 is really pushing it for a px frame. the tioga is still wide but wont give you the horrendous clearance issues the other two would. plus its a really really high quality rim in terms of its construction. it has a thin brake track but unless you grind your rims every couple of weeks then it wont be an issue.

only use dt spokes. get the double butted ones 14/15 gague. if you are looking to save weight go with alloy nips but if you dont care go with brass ones. if you think you might be doing lots of truing then go with brass. lace it up 3 cross both sides and site back and enjoy your shiney new bad ass wheel!
yeah, if you're using V-brakes don't use the dx-32 or try-all. They should work fine if you're running maggies though.
I totally agree with the 14/15/14 spokes and tioga DH rim. That's what's laced to my King right now. I use v-brakes, and yes, pad clearance can be an issue if you don't set them up right. This rim/spoke/hub combo is working great, absolutely no complaints. The only thing you may or may not want to consider is tire size because of fold over due to a "smaller" rim width compared to others (i.e. don't use a 2.7 or something huge). I'm running a 2.3 inch rear, and has never folded. Oh, and I'm on an echo for the moment...
taylor, tire = 2.2 michelin/maxxis
Reading this makes me think I might have clearance problems with my PX BMF on my PX mkv Zebdi running a 26 x 2.5in tire.

Any insight, might I run into some problems? Because arent the PX BMF and Alex DX32 the same thing except the BMF has eyelets?
I am running an eyeletted DX32 with a comp 24.1 2.5 on the back of a MKIV with no clearance issues.
i think matt is too... ?
Run the Dx-32, I've run one on my px with michelin 2.5 comp 16 with vee's for 6 months without problems. Width is sweet.
Just for those few comments that were kind of wondering...

I run a PX BMF (DX32 with eyelets) and a michelin 2.2, no clearance issues whatesoever.

Sonic, you won't have tire clearance problems (provided your wheel is dished properly), the only thing that may be a problem is that if you run V-brakes the arms may stick WAY out the sides.

maggies in the rear, good, no probs
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