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This thread was meant to have the older videos of/from members because so many people we wanting the CoTrials, original Koxx Days videos filmed by members, and old Island/Aussie videos because at the time this thread was made all the videos being released were sucking cock.

I think the other spin-off thread was just older videos in general. It just so happened that people misunderstood what the intention was and starting posting the same videos in BOTH threads, ruining the purpose of each.

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I needed some inspiration to get out and ride. Dani Comas riding so smooth. I love this video.
Good stuff, made me think of the video with him on stock and the Mortal Kombat music, anyone have that lying around?

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Sarfraz has a very unique style of approaching questions, something which students who study from him say they benefit immensely from. Doubt clearing sessions conducted by Sarfraz (whether online or offline) always run to packed houses. Until now, this expertise was only available to students who studied from Sarfraz (and he does very few classes owing to time constraints). However, we have now decided to make this expertise freely available to all students; simply click the links below and watch Sarfraz take you through OG arguments and passages in his own singular style.

A word of advice here – the idea behind these videos is not to provide you with better or more meaningful explanations than the OG. The idea is to show you how Sarfraz would approach these questions – how he would understand a particular argument or passage and how he would go about selecting or eliminating options. You’ll see him read just single words and eliminate options; you’ll also see him read one sentence and infer five different things that you may not even have thought of. All in all you will find his videos immensely enjoyable – instructive and to the point without being boring, just like our books.



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