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Discussion in 'For Sale / Want to Buy' started by Elan, May 10, 2004.

  1. Elan

    Elan steve french

    i just bought a "dh" bike, and i want to convert it into a trail bike, so i am selling these things i dont want on it:

    2001 White bros DH<2 fork.... 7" of travel, super rigid (no slop) super plush (soaks up all things big and small) it just feels awesome, 1 month on factory rebuild, i'll get specifics if anybody is remotely interested. you can get these for $700 brand new, this one is at least 1 year old but in perfect mechanical condition. i have no idea how much to ask, throw out an offer i guess. it came with some red raceface handlebars that match it, so ill throw those in free.

    MRP chain guide/ Gizmo Mr Dirt ring: it works, scratched up... $40 or somthing, let me know, ill work somthing out i guess

    atomlab wheels: trail pimp rims, ritchey OS 20mm front wheel, woodman rear. some dings, but overall they look really good and are true. $200 OBO i guess, ill work with ya on these too.

    azonic love seat: it has one 1" tear. clean and good. -$20

    AC stem: ~50mm, 5degree. black. its a stem. $30
  2. ascentrek

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    I push my Bullit uphill and its considered a DH bike by most. hee hee, little do they know I'm getting stronger!

    Cool, I"ll pick your ass up on the way to keystone this summer