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Why fight it, we all know the best part of any comp is riding with your buds, learning a new trick or two, heckling and talking bikes (not the comp). Not that Comps shouldn’t exist because otherwise how would we all know just how poorly we can execute even the simplest of turns on loose gravel? So here we have an event geared toward the good times and minimizing the bad. The Comp and Clinic will promote understanding the dark side and approaching Comp riding with more confidence and skill. Additionally, the Clinic will cover the many topics of bike trials: bike set up, hosting events, riding skills etc. The knowledge base will be available for questions of every level.

Dates & Locations:
November 5: Colonel Ledyard Park, Ledyard CT
November 6: Ledges, Exeter RI

Day 1: Riding the course and clinic with coaches
Day 2: “New England Bike Trials Cup” competition
For more details on the event and the coaches (Ronnie Traba, Mike Steidley, and Joe Janicki), download the poster or read more here.


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