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Norco Evolve 2004 - frame and bike weight?

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Does anyone know how heavy the frame is? And how heavy is the stock bike thats displayed on the Norco website? :?

Thanks. :bigthumb:
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I can't give you an exact weight, but there is a brand new one here in town and the shop owner said he would guess it to be about 28lbs, maybe a bit lighter. I lifted it up myself and thought it was around 27 or so pounds. As for the frame weight, I'm not really sure, but the bike does have a pretty heavy parts spec, so I would guess the frame around 4.5lbs.
what do you think about building a zedbi with the same parts as the stock norco evolve? Good idea or bad idea?

The reason I'm asking is i am trying to compromise btw weight and $$.
I wouldnt put the exact same parts on it just because the evolve has that crappy hayes mechanical disc on it and those things SUCK
I agree, I don't like any of the parts really. The stem and bars are garbage for trials, the hubs stink, the brakes stink, the cranks stink, the tires aren't the best, and the rims are mediocre. If you are going to go with a zebdi, you should just spec all of your parts individually and not worry about what that bike has. If you tell us what price range you would like to keep under (and if the price you set is in CAD, or USD), your physical size, and what terrain you ride more often, or would like it geared towards, we could make some recommendations.
I'm planning to spend 1100 to 1200 CAD on the bike. I am 5'6", 140lbs and ride mostly urban.
I am thinking about buying a 8 month old blue dragon zedbi. I haven't gotten a confirmation on the price yet but I will post it as soon as I do (with pictures).

So any suggestions/opinions? Anything I should look out for?


the 04 evolve is probably the best "affordable" full trials bike i have seen to date. yeah, some of the parts are not the best but for 800 US what can you really ask for? if i were a beginner getting into trials from the normal dirt/dh/dual background that many trials riders come from i would see this as a real bargin of a bike.

if not the norco i have a black dragon mk 3 zebdi for sale (shameless plug) if anyone wants it. :D
Hrm, It's not easy to build a bike for 1150 CAD (at least not with the parts I'd want), as you probably noticed :). There are some parts that are good and still not too expensive. I would have to say to look into

1.) Race face riser bars
2.) Hope XC rear hub
3.) Rhyno Lite rear rim (if you have problems with tires folding or ride much natural, then possibly look at a DX32)
4.) You can find a cheapie stem at your LBS I'm sure, it won't be the best (obviously) but it will get the job done until you can afford something better.
5.) Maybe you can go without a seat and seatpost? This is really personal preference, so it's up to you
6.) If you buy rim, hub and spokes from JensonUSA you used to be able to get a free build (don't know if that is still their policy). I don't reckon the build would be the best, but if you could keep up with truing for the first few weeks, I think it'd be just fine.
7.) Brakes: I don't know if you have preference towards hydraulic, disc, or rim, so I'm guessing you're just a V-brake guy. You can get a set of shimano XTR levers from JensonUSA for $60, and that is personally what I would do, then I would probably look for some cheaper calipers (like avid single digit 5s or something). I really can't stand the way avid levers feel, but if you don't mind them, you could save some money there.

This is by no means a complete list, but its all I could think of off the top of my head. You will almost definitely have to compromise on parts with your budget, and where you decide to go with parts is really up to you. You could go the used path, and save some money... but don't expect the parts to be mint or last for too long.

As far as the zebdi, I'm not aware of any problems with the newer models really, but there are definitely those more knowledgeable than I.

Places to find some cheap bike parts:


Places to get a fair price with the best service:

I hope this helps, and I hope it makes sense :D

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Thanks Bill. That will help me get started. I'm assuming the prices on Webcyclery are USD?

As for the price of the used Zebdi MK4 - its 400 CAD. The local supplier has the new MK5 for $675.00 + taxes CAD. uhmmm?
400 CAD = 300 USD, that's a bit high for a used zebdi. My friend just sold his 10 month old MKII for $125. I think if you hold out for a bit longer you can do better. THe prices at webcyclery are indeed USD, if you need a currency converter, the one at http://www.xe.com is the best one on the internet.
i think that is probably high as well for a used zebdi, im looking for 125 US for my mk3... 300 for a mk4 in USD is kinda steep.
Yeah, I totally forgot Kevin was selling his mkIII, and I believe it's in pretty good condition. Should be about 14-15 months old Kevin? That would be a killer deal, its a black dragon right, do you ship to canada kevin?
i ship where the money lies so long as it's split with the buyer. i will toss in an XT bb if the buyer runs square taper cranks and have a brisa bar and stem set up that i would sell with it for 50 USD. gotta get rid of it though, and the brisa mod i have too.
Don't forget trialsin.com. Tim has been in the trials scene for a really long time, and it shows.

It's really hard to decide who to support. Webcyclery is great, trialsin is great, tryall-america is great. They all know what they are doing, and they all are very willing to help.
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