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Bill said:
We'll be missing a vocal expert/pro rider next year, so the behavioral changes shouldn't be a problem.
I'm on vocal on the internet, and to your faces. At comps? Not necessarily. I can think of another rider very close to me who would be much more vocal in terms of at comps. One of the big reasons I quit is because of all your “behavoirs”,

WhiteRavenKS said:
"Behavoir changes: the trials community is hanging on by a thread in the mainstream racing scene. the last thing we need is to alienate ourselves out of it completely. this means ALL riders need to be on their best behavoir at these events. no huffy chucks, no screaming obscenity, no helmet tosses. all this stuff reflects incredibly poorly on the sport. sure we all get mad at times but a trials event is neither the time nor the place to vent that. any one who cant keep their frustration in check is not welcome at events next year and outbursts will result in DQ action and will be asked to pack up and leave. trials is really fun to watch for spectators but with little kids and church ladies watching we cant let "fuck this piece of shit bike!" be heard. "
You don't realize this kevin, but that will make trials riders even more annoying to the general public. It will be like a bunch of van schoonhovens, I shudder at the thought. There will be no personalities, nothing to market except nerds riding uninteresting things- freak shows like always. I've heard people talk about ripstoke productions demo team, and how gay and cheesy it was- and I guess that’s fine with you because its more your personality: but I'm afraid that’s the majorities ideas, and you have problems seeing that. I'm pigeonholed as an asshole, don't get get pigeonholed as a complete tool because you won’t get out...

In terms of next year- the only thing I really wanted this year was hard sections. There were none that I can think of, besides my comp but you didn't bother to even ride through it. Another thing you didn't get to feel the sting of is being ripped off at each event from the mtn states. Because you and your buddies set up the courses (how it takes you all day to do that, I will never know) you don't have to pay 30, 40 dollars to ride an event. I'm not strapped for cash, but for me to spend ~100+ dollars to get to an event and compete, win it and get nothing except a 10 cent piece of paper is ridiculous. I'm sure you'll take care of this for the future.

Ponchos natty comp was the best comp I've ever been to in my life, bravo Poncho- beautiful terrain, well organized, beautiful sections, great prizes.


And kevin, I had an IDENTICAL outlook and personality as you at your age. Don't think I'm just attacking you, hopefully I can help you out through my own experiences. There is no substitute for experience, no matter how smart you think you are and how much of a dipshit you think I am.
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