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Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by Rafterman, Nov 16, 2004.

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    Hi guys,

    This is a cross post from the sydney trials site forum. Thanks to Peace for pointing me over here.

    I'm looking at getting a new bike and thought it'd be fun to give trials a go. Up until today I've got around on a freestyle BMX but I snapped a pedal off my 6 year old bike, so I think it's time for a change rather than sinking more money into keeping the old one alive. I was thinking of going for a stock bike to get away from the small bikes a bit. So, I've got a few questions.

    1) Where's the best place to get a bike? The local shop has no trial bikes at all, but I'm assuming there are some out there that do. Somewhere near the CBD would be good, but it doesn't really matter.

    2) What kind of features should I be looking for? Are disk brakes worth it? What kind of gear ratios are best?

    3) How much should I be spending? I'm thinking around the $1000 mark but this is pretty flexible.

    4) It says somewhere else on the site that you ride at st mary's on wednesday nights. is this still going? if so I'd be interested in coming up and checking it out once I get my bike sorted.

    Any advice on any of the above would be much appreciated.
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    Hi mate, im from Melbourne so cant really help you with the local stuff, but its good to hear youre getting into it. The best people to speak to as far as I know, are Peace McCormack and Mitch Ho. Both are awesome friendly guys, and they will help you out heaps. They are both on this forum all the time so it should only be a matter of time before they answer.

    In terms of bikes I spose the the thing you need to work out is whether you want to do competitions and ride natural ie; rocks and logs and creeks and stuff. Or whether you want to street ride, ummm on the streets. You obviously can do both, but certain bikes lean towards certain styles more:

    Long wheelbase bikes (1060-1115) suit natural riding more than street generally.

    Short wheelbase bikes (1000-1060) suit street more as they are easier to bunnyhop, manual, and fuck around on.

    Most people are leaning toward a mix of both if they can, the scene up there is more street orientated (I think?).

    Disc brakes on the front are great for modulation, but they are by no means a neccessity. Disc brakes on the rear have been mainly a no-no for trials as the disc tabs have a tendency to snap under the stress a trials bike is under.

    Gear ratios are pretty much personal preference, alot of people run 22 tooth front and 19 tooth rear or similar. this gives the best performance in a variety of situations.

    Hope this helps, its great to see someone new getting involved, feel free to PM any of the guys from Aus on this board, we'll be happy to help out where we can.


  3. hydroboy

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    I think you will find it hard to get a disk brake on a bike with a budget of $1000. Unfortunatly for $1000 there is a shortage of good bikes availible as the good value cheap bikes are, well alot cheaper, and the decent bikes are alot more expensive. Do you have a mountain bike? If you have one you can throw some parts of onto a trials frame and then buy some other parts it would be a good way of doing things. We sell BT frames (im in canberra) but i wouldnt really suggest them for a beginner, unless you want to build up a frame as i suggested above.
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    the best things to start on for trials, still, are raceline rhinos. Their stock bike should come in under 1000 and Peace can help you use the remainder to get the v-brakes working well. The only other upgrade you might want in the short term is a different rear hub, shimano LX silent clutch is a good, cheap, heavy, strong hub that's great for beginners. After you break your LX silent clutch you'll be wanting a Chris King hub, but budget-wise you want to know you like trials first.

    - Joel
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    Im not from Sydney but Manly Cycles is the Australian importer for Onza Trials stuff, you should pay them a visit as they would have stuff in stock and one of the workers there is a trials rider, a good one too. Not 100% sure on that but like 99.9% I think to check out their stuff to see what you think of it. Another rider also has a complete Brisa for sale too, I think, it is last years model from memory, but should suit you well, may be a little above $1000 though but I also think it can be found in this forum a few threads down.

    Hope that helps

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    Buy my Brisa B20! I think i could go $1300, new from this year. Good spec for a beginner, too. Email me at [email protected], and I will try and get you some pics (i don't have a camera), and give you a full spec...if you are interested at all
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    look on ebay. I found 2 trials bikes last night!!!
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    oops.....I didn't fully read the first post...but mod bikes are good! You can throw them around a lot easier and its quicker to learn moves on.....
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    maybe so, but they look gay and people think they look gay. they are gay. stick with the stock!:hsugh:
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    Damn you people! :rofl: So, maybe a lot of them do look shite....but not the XTP 20"