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New V-Brake idea?

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So I'm preparing to install my new kool-stop brake pads, and came up with an interesting concept (after sliding around in this rediculus snow).

Has anyone ever 'syped' their brake pads?

This is a concept that tire manufacturers and installers do if you'd like more traction in snow/all season.

I gave it a shot, and ran an experiment with a hanging scale. They (the pads that were syped) seem to hold a little better. I just used a razor blade and cut perpendicular to the rim rotation. I only cut down about 1 to 2 mm. Of course, the real test is to just get out and ride... after the 8 inches of snow goes away! I've heard that the deeper you sype the material, the more flex it has, resulting in better contact. I've done a little research on the web....

...and then I put the koolio stops in... end of discussion.

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interesting idea, never woulda thunk it up i. meh..my brakes make me happy the way they are.
Elan, Ever ride in Golden?
yea, once..for about 20 minutes, and then i got tired of it...i live probably 20-30 minutes from golden
Well, if you ever want to hook up, and have no desire to continue on to downtown denver, let me know. There's a few things on the school of mines, and some natural stuff around.

sounds cool...have you met ty? i think his screenname is trf204mofo... he lives in golden too.. i donno.. i might venture down after school one of these days..post some contact info.
elan, my screen name is trf304moto1 on bt.com and on aim, here its ty, clever i know
[edit:] right now i am in golden, thats where my parets and girlfriend live, im down here nearly every week
Ty, Where at in Golden? I'm up in the cookie cutter hood on the other side of 93. Jack (other OTN member) and I are going to watch some vid's (PF, Directors cut for sure) on Monday. Come up if you'd like.

BTW, I've got an entire bike shop for repairing your rig if you'd like to use that too.

303-870-2221 or 303-277-9066

with a grind it shouldn't matter. you can do what ever you want, but a simple grind is gonna be the best.
well look who has an opinion.
i live on the other side of golden i-70 and 32nd ave. we should go ride mines some time, ive been up there a couple times recently. but i am just getting back into trials (after about 4 mo with out a bike) so it was a real short ride on simple things but still fun.
I'll call you when I'm back from my sales kick off (a drunk fest that lasts 3 weeks)

We'll hook up in Feb.
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