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Now that I have your attention...
I ride with a D521 Ceramic rim in the back with XTR Vees and Kool Stop ceramic pads. I am gonna give the wide ass Alex rims a go with the same set up. What's the best way to set it up so my brakes are strong... I hate tar so don't say tar.
What to do? Grind rims? Change brake pads? All of the above? Quit riding?
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Suicide. Do you actually have to ask?

Starts with a G
Normally I would say that with ceramic rim and ceramic pads you shouldnt do anything, but since you've pissed me off with your false advertisement, I strongly suggest jumping in the tar pit, grinding the living daylights out of the rim, using your intestinal fluid instead of tar and sticking the aluminum grind shavings far up where the sun dont shine...
ends with a rind
And joining the Mormon Tabernacle Choirboys.

**************Just kidding****************
damn, u had me thinking u made a vid with out me, but thats not really possible cause u don't ride :eek3:

haven't u noticed that we are not cool enough for this form, every one here is super trials mechanic master jedi times 5000. :werd:we are not worthy enough to ask people questions, u dumb ass

anyways, i m digging the hair spray on my tioga, try it out :bigthumb:
As Elan said... i'll give you a hint, It starts with "g" and ends with "rind".
Or a simple answer,

Grind your rim, and put on some koolstop salmon pads. If you find those pads insufficient, order some plazmatic V-brake pads.

for the dumb kid that said with ceramic rims blah blah blah, he is talking about when he changes to an alex rim.

Id grind (or use secret canberra solution(or both))
Well, I have a dremel tool outside with some 60 grit sandpaper, but I'm thinkin since all the grinds aren't going perpendicular to the rim surface, it won';t be 100% effective. Like I think it was Dave on his woodman, his rims looked like all the grinds were pointing towards the hub....did he do that with a hand file?
no hand file, use a cutting wheel for the dremel,
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