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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by rider ns, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. rider ns

    rider ns New Member

    hi i'm building up a new bike and i've gotta couple questions.

    -rims---- dm24 or front rhino lite and rear rhino lite xl?

    -what size rear tire will allow me to run sorta low pressure without risking to hit rim?any recommendations?

    - here are my bike specs-

    norco tt
    kona mtb rigid
    raceface cranks
    custom bash and rear brake booster
    avid sd7's plazmatic pads
    wellgo pedals
    selle italia saddle

    -bar and stem is unknown, i want a 50/60 mm stem, maybe thompson or race face

    comments suggestions?
  2. B1105

    B1105 New Member

    maybe a DX32 for the rear? the dm24 is a good rim for the front, but for the back you prob want something a little wider.

    tires=michelin comp 24 2.2 or maxxis minion 2.35 st

    if you want the standard bar/stem combo, maybe the try all with the thomson stem or something, thatd be a nice setup

  3. bwagner

    bwagner New Member

    Agreed, very nice set-up indeed, but maybe with a comp 24.1 in a 2.5 for the rear:D
  4. besham

    besham Guest

    On the stems: The thompson stem is sweet, its strong, light and pretty. It is smooth on the edges and has no bolts sticking out so it doesnt bang your knee (or nuts) as bad. its also kind of expensive, but its worht it. Really though, any four bolt stem with the right measurments will work just as well. I would stay away from race face stems. Their tolerances are not very good and sometimes have to be pounded on.
  5. Elan

    Elan steve french

    from what i have seen a dx-32 is not a good match for a norco frame.

    the rhyno lite XL is a very strong rim. if you arent riding any natural, it will be all you need, otherwise the dx-32 is a must have ,and you wil have to find out how to make it work with your brakes.

    thomson stem hands down the best stem. i really like try-all bars. they are shit if you ride "street style" however.

    the best tire in teh world for trials is the michelin dh comp24.1 a 2.2 will fit in your frame well, and they are almost pinch proof.
  6. hophopsnap

    hophopsnap Well-Known Member


    First of I bet 6/7th of the people on this board use a "downhill" tire.
    Second you dont seem that intellegent. And Elan is very "knolegable".

    Edit-To answer some of his questions...

    I would after you get some good rim and tire setup. I would go for some better pins in your Wellgo's. They are nice because they are so cheap, I think 10 to 15 dollers? With some sharper pins (if you dont already have good pins) I think it would help alot.
  7. Trialsking

    Trialsking Retired from Trials

    You want a 1.9 tire on the front and a tioga DH 2.3 on the rear.

    Oops I thought this was '00 for sec there.
  8. hophopsnap

    hophopsnap Well-Known Member

    I like my set-up.
    Front-Panaracer 2.1 Fire XC pro
    Rear-Maxxis Minion 2.7 R Super Tacky

    But next rear tire will deffinatly be a Michelin 24.1. (Ty I want to ride yours)
  9. oicdn

    oicdn Guest

    Team trials frame eh? Strety riding I would guess....or you're still in that Norco Niche...

    Set-up is great....although, if you can get the DX32, get it. If not, I would guess Rhynolite XL. Leech is pretty much street, and he uses DM24' if you're after that kinda riding, go for his set-up. Can't really go wrong with his set-up if you after his type of riding..