New pads found ... THE SHIZ

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by sebLG, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. sebLG

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    hello all,

    i am probably just posting this in excitement and ill probably think im a dick later but meh ... i found some new pads that were in fact given to me for free from my friend here in canberra, along with my new Trialshop Singapore ( )forks (they sound pov but they are good, i think they are made specially for trialshop sg from the pulo factory or something, and im liking them) ANYWAY back to my point these pads are just plain simple amazing, they work way way way better than my koxx bloxx ever did, and way way better than my plaz ever did. they come in a hard compound and a soft compound. i am using the soft compound with my fresh grind ... and yeah, they feel just totally out of this world. the only downside to them is that they come with no backings (they come in a long strip and you have to cut them to size) and this soft compound seems to be wearing mega quickly.

    ... im going to get pics of them up like today and maybe a video of what they sound like (haha, i think im getting a bit over excited) ... and ill find out what brand they are and where i can get more!!

    anyway, bye ...

    EDIT: stupid backings one of them broke!! :wtc: and i was having such fun! oh well ill put a nail throught them aswell now or something ... i think i have some experimenting to do.
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  2. Spacemunkee

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    yea i made some of my own pads.. bought a strip of polyurethane which was about 80-85 durometer really grippy to get them to stick i used good old epoxy resin on a old black pad backing then used two self tapping screws to keep them all in place.. this was sometime last year the place closed down where i got my supplies :( im lookin for somewhere else now

  3. valiumlaw

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    If they wear down mega quickly they'll be shit. Why are they so good?
  4. Andreas

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    No clue, but, maybe they grip real good? :dunno: I want to see a picture!