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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Little Android Man, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. Little Android Man

    Little Android Man Free Cup!

    welp, after riding eds echo for a while now and his forks (methinks echo?) ive come to the conclusion that i will no longer be able to ride my old monty forks. the disc tabs are shit, im pretty sure the legs are bent, and the dropouts are just plain retarded. but im not sure what fork i should buy.

    i havent got alot of money, but tell me what are some good choices? even though theres probably only like 3 ways to go, ive seen echo and zoo forks, which are better? im planning on running a disc, so no hs33 tabs are necesary..but someone tell me what i should go for.
  2. Ed Gildea

    Ed Gildea New Member

    do you just want to buy my echo fork?

  3. Andreas

    Andreas All About Trials

    echo forks are great. supposedly there isn't too too much difference between them and the Koxx forxx (the forxx are lots more $$$$$).
    i'm glad i got my echo's:
    1-they're holding up to my stupid abuse (front wheel moves and taps)
    2-they come with Disc AND HS -33 which means if i bust my disc i got a back up