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New BT Poland video clips

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From www.biketrial.pl

Let Rafal know what you think of them.

BT Poland Trick Video 1 [2.72mB] [0:10]

BT Poland Trick Video 2 [2.88mB] [0:10]

BT Poland Trick Video 3 [2.84mB] [0:10]
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Very nice! Excellent videos for slowing down and analyzing frame by frame to really understand what is happening. Thanx Rafal!
Excellent videos! Very smooth. I must say, usually I'm not a big fan of using the pedals/bashguards...but on shoulder high sidehops I'm willing to extend a bit of awe...goodness
How do you slow down a vid? What software do I have to use?
i cant watch them...damn mac cant use the new wmv thingy :slap:
i know it can be done with adobie premeire, i think windows movie maker can do it (but im to lazy to look) i would assume it can be done on final cut (from applestore.com) etc

ooplsss i missunderstood
media player has speed settings. go to View, then down to Enhancements, then Play Speed Settings. i think this only works for wmv files thouhg. but it lets you choose there to slow down.
frame by frame is better on mov files, on the quicktime player.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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