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New Brisa B-20D is out

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heavy, ugly, shorter than prev models ( :ugh: ). But its a brisa, so you can't really expect anything but crap.
It's a very pretty frame, and I can't speak for their mods, but I'm not the biggest fan of their stock bikes geometry :hs:

That is seriously one of the most beautiful bikes I've ever seen though
i think it looks damn good..but i wouldnt buy one.
reminds me of what people said about the ECHO urban "Looks good, but I wouldn't buy one" All I have to say about the b20D is "The new Brisa B-20D! Incredible snapping action! Snaps 3x faster than the older B20!"
Looks like i might be limited by the disk mount...they should have left room on the topside of the seatstays...just incase someone wanted to do sumthin funky like..
anyone know if they ended up going with standard mtn bike hub spacing in the rear tri? if they didnt... silly brisa...

anyhoot- that looks a whole helluva lot better than any other brisa mod i have seen and i have had both models up till this one. why cant they just put a vee mount on a bike. o wait, because maggie has a death grip on the trials world.

anyways, i saw the prototypes of this bike at flint last year and it looks a lot nicer than the proto's did. looks dont mean it rides nice though. im sure santos will ride it with his cracked out style just as well as ever and im sure reis will prove to the world along with caisso that short people can ride the piss out of a trials bike on it as well.
HA! so they did make it 135mm spacing. good. no putting up with this chicken poo about megamo's 300 dollar mod disk hub and no waiting for an echo hub that never made full production (or so i hear).

on the down side- shorter frame. great, lets keep holding american back from uci competing by going completely against the growing need for longer bikes to ride competitively in uci comps. i wonder why there were not any brisas at worlds when i went there... they just made it the length of the old montys.

10" seat tube, now they are only 200% taller than the competition's frames instead of 225%. a step in the right direction there.

no QR axles. good move. though i wouldnt trust those peewee 5mm bolts they have for the display hub in the picture either. give me some nice big assed fun bolts i can always count on. disk brakes and horizoltal dropouts tend to not cooperate very well so it's best to keep you poop in a group and lock the hub down with some serious security.
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Who the fuck would ride a Brisa? they are the biggest pieces of shit i have ever seen. They break and ride like crap. at leat my zebdi was durable.
who would ride a brisa?? i donno..ive never seen one
so what's the deal there with the horizontal dropouts and discs? doesn't having your axle anywhere away from dead up against the front of the dropouts move your disc out of the caliper?
yes, but what if you want to run maguras?
If you followed the link you would see that they "invented" an amazing thing for it. All they did was make the bolt holes for the caliper long, so you can slide it back and fourth :rofl:

They should be out of business, who buys brisas these days?
Yeah, invented that..too bad Goatbike has had slotted disc mounts for like 3 years...

Yeah 99% of what Brisa does is corny of not nearly as inovative as they make it out to be. However, they do make trials bikes and parts, I appreciate any choices I get. The Brisa bars are pretty dope...I also like my B20 frame (Personally wouldnt touch the B26 I think...havent ridden one) but as far as I am concerned the B20 is ok. There is more then UCI out there, and yeah the USA is behind, but perhaps if formats are changed the bikes will evolve as well...
IT LOOKS GOOD. besides that, id never buy a mod liek that, and i would definately never buy any Brisa shit.
how come everyone hates it? have you guys even ridden them for a long period of time? And how do you know they snap? :slap:
How about you bring up a fucking 4 month old thread.

From a brisa sponsored rider:
Every single fork they made last year was warrantied.
They are having problems with the manufacturer for frames.

From riding one personally (older models, with better geo than that): they feel like the worst pile of asshole in the world.
They are anodised because you cannot powdercoat human excrement!
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