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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Shorty2020, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. Shorty2020

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    i already looked throught the traveling with ur bike thread and couldnt find anything on this subject

    i live in oklahoma and my mom lives on vancouver island (long story) but im going up there this summer like always and this time i wanna take my bike

    i already know that it shouldnt cost anything on the big plane from dallas to vancouver but what about from vancouver to the island?

    anybody out there ever done this or anyone have any tips or info?
  2. WhiteRavenKS

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    youre flying from the mainland to the island? if so i would count on paying for that. if youre on a ferry or something then i wouldnt think they will charge you extra.

    if anyone gives you guff- one way to try and weasel your way out of it is to claim you are a sales rep and its bike parts... not a bike that you are carrying. worked for me once. the worst they can say is "no, pay up"

  3. digby

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    Bring crutches. I saw tony fernandez and his dad get away with this one. Pack your bike like your normally would and gimp your way to the terminal. If they arent dicks they will automatically assume the large box is your wheelchair.
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  5. Shorty2020

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    i dont know if this would work but i have a large duflle bag which if i took my time i could get my bike into it. This is the same duffle bag i took last summer and they didnt charge me for it and it was a third bag and being a trials bike it doesnt way have as much as my clothes bag.

    they also let me take it as carry on on the big airliner

    and ya im flying from the mainland to the island
  6. mikeschiavone

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    if youre booked from dallas all the way through to the island, and you do not have to check back in once you're in van, then you do NOT have to pay. but, if your catching an island hopper once you get their, then you'll probably have to pay.

    you could always call the airline.