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Need people to ride with!!!

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I'm looking for some other trials riders to ride within the lower mainland, preferably at a similar level of riding. I can do stuff like blunt stall 3 foot high rails, hop on my front tire backward up to and off drops, kinda do backward nose manuals, gaps on rear tire backwards, 180 off stuff and ride backwards....and so on. Even if you're no where near Maple Ridge, email me and we can go for a ride downtown Vancouver.

-John K
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yo doesnt matter wut u can do. ur more than welcome to ride with any of us. here add me to ur msn maybe we can hook up. [email protected], oya and how old r u? cya later
yeah you make a good point that it doesnt matter how good anyone is to ride together. I'm 18 by the way.
:? :bigthumb: I live in nanaimo on Van Isl Ive been riding for four months or so, and there is not many trial riders over here i think maybe 4or5 guys that i know of and im one of them.. So it would be sweet to ride
with some other guys with skill to learn from,and rip it up,and who are close enough to comute to an area near you or me.....

I'll probably come out to the island sometime. Maybe when I'm making my sponsor video. Keep in touch and I'll definetly let you know if I'm coming out.

Add me to [email protected]
As I said before that would be sweet to ride wich ya,I dont say shit like this to anyone but if you need a place to stay Ill hook ya up..

P.S you said sponser vid, thats sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

killjoy [email protected] cheers...............
nanaimo. go to fuckin cobble hill or mill bay. john w and kevin brain live there. its like 30 min away from nanaimo. jeez
bah! nanaimo sucks...

I know 2 riders in nanimo if ya wanna be hooked up
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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