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natty ride

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Some nice riding in Attica. its me and Bill riding the natty. Its been too long for me.

Upping on the stone is a piece of cake. Going down is a bit more tricky.

surge from the rock on the left

This gap is not too bad. Going the other way requires more oomph :)

Gap to a very pointy edge of the rock
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VERY nice pictures, what kind of rims are on Bill's bike? I'd love to make a trip to Indiana some time when I'm staying in Iowa for a bit, it'd be nice to meet other riders :D
I've been wanting to make it up there, when I get my jeep i'll have to head up there to ride, and do a little rock crawling
Thanks Bill. I don't know the brand of Bill's wheels. The name is Excaliber (i think). Yeah it would be interesting to see other riders as well as we have a pretty small group.
i didnt know there were rocks in indiana..loks like fun.
good pics, looks like a good place to ride :bigthumb:
Yeah this place is one of the few things that somewhat redeem living in IN :rolleyes: I just wish there were a lot more huge stones (jeeps tend to crush them up) and I had a longer bike. Maybe one of these days I will visit CO the trials capital of US (or so it would seem) :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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