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In the intrest of trials advancement please direct all helpfull opinions, brilliant observations ,and baseless rants to those with open ears.

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Unless you only want to have group rides and home videos to show for all the riding you do. It is highly suggested you not only visit but post on ...


Currently ,like it or not ,this is the road to having comps in an organised
fasion across the country.UCI/BIU is still seemingly being debated along with other important topics.The site is still new and not littered with history as OTN and BT.COM is but that will hopefully change.Perhaps with points standings and pre-registration .Hopefully special offers for those holding memberships.You will all get out of it what you put in.

Feel free to reply here encouraging others to do so, or any better ideas.

regardless of whether you will be buying the new Zoo frame or the real thing there are very important things which we are ignoring.

If you would like to see the day were a US rider can realistically have a chance at beating the euros get with it.It's shitty cold right now and if you can't ride you can at least prepare for next season comps.The number of which is decided by YOU!

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I could give 2 fucks about NATS. The one event I've gone to was a joke, pete wilks opinions are nothing I want to hear and I wouldn't bother trying to change his.
Nats is not just PW .If he want's it to be a success he has no choice but to listen to those who would potentially participate in his events.If every one says "hey Pete, fuck your fascist old way of doing things.It's hurting the sport." In a much nicer way perhaps, we just might get something done.
If every one takes a "what can I add to the dialogue to make things better" They will perhaps become just that.....better.

Perhaps I haven't been in the sport long enough to know the troubles behind NATS.If you have firsthand experience of the specific problems with NATS ,direct them to ....natrials.com posting them here does no good whatsoever.
Hell if Colorado has the best scene maybe we could use OTN as the
base for organizing the fabled front range series.Until then NATS is
what we are working with.

rant on!
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