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My old koxx 1100

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Sold with under 10 rides on it to Dolphin.

Here are some pictures right before she went away, forever.

Front View:

Side View. Note the alpine star sticker. Bikes in the background- TEX AVERY MR JAPSLAP 's monty x-lite. Powdercoated black crescent, both frames were given away for free to locals...then in the far background is a Koxx long mod, and a leapord p-x jack flash against the wall.

Another front view. Bike was beautiful black/silver- props road fools sticker on the fork of course.

TRY-ALL, NO 5'S! weeeeeee trials :greddy:

This is my new beast, will be built up in the next week or two...I'll get full bike pics:

14" chainstay, 5.4 pounds... :Wavey:
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you decided to go wtih the FBM?

FBM? Can't you read :) It says right on the frame...

stricker sig model of course.
Just to clear things up, it says S & M :)

nice LB. what's up with the handle bar setup on the PlanetX (nice paint job)?
I can't see shit captain. Andrew, let me know how that S&M rides...I need a street bike
there are no bolts in the p-x's stem.
the bike now has a matte black fork, removed alpinestars sticker, and painted chainstay protector(black, you can still read the numbers)... i might post pics later.

edit there is a pic of it on the group ride photos at CU boulder on COtrials.com
Hey andy-just kidding andrew- is it going to be a full-blown bmx bike or are you going to make some modifications?
p3 boy- sorry I never saw your post, its full on bmx...no gyro or front brake or any of that shite. I'm sure you'll see it at road 34.
Hey andrew, do you have any pictures of your levelboss mod? Could you post em' up if you have them?
uhhh don't think I ever bothered taking pics?? Just it in the background...sorry :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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