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my new koxx

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The koxx build was just finished today. specs as follows


surly fork

tryall back wheel

head tube welds

cranks and bashring

ghetto fab 2 bolt booster

Frame: koxx lb 1065
fork:surly 1x1
front brake: deore disk
back brake: hs33
front hub: deore disk
rear hub: silent clutch
rear rim: tryall 47mm
front rim: rhyno lyte
cranks and bash: echo ffw
bar: echo
stem: echo
mech: sora
headset: monty cartrige
pedals: vp
back tire: 24.1
front tire: hot s
front lever: sram carbon fiber
rim strip: duct tape

Well guys alot of work went in to getting this together before motorama. It came together a little more quickly than i thought but here it is. tell me what you think.

- cheers, chris
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nice rig!

keep an ear out for that surly fork creaking and making funny sounds.... just a word of advice from experience
ya nice rig but why the surly? nice other than that
Lack of funds and lack of options. I have had very good luck with surly stuff. trevor young recomended it to me at candy town then proceeded to front wheel hook and hang on a near vertical wire reel.
Nice digs- I couldn't handle that crazy long stem but maybe you are tall or somethin. My friend bought that fork too, its hilarious and 300 pounds :)
well its not a bad fork... just no tfantastic. it is cheap and it is around 2.5 pounds so not too bad. i had bad luck with reliability though, if it starts creaking, throw it away. it should be fine for a while but do keep an eye on it.
yea kev if something creaks groans or makes any other wierd noise generally i trash it. i mean i dont have infinite funds but if i cant see the mechanical reason it made the noise (aka bearings in something being the problem) it leaves my bike quickly.
Hey! I have those forks as well. :?

I'll watch out for those creaks. I'm a newbie, so naturally I will be very unsmooth with them. Oh well.
i just ride things until they break, get more life out of them that way :bigthumb:

and if it can be fixed with string or wire, it remains on my bike even after breakage
so if your fork breaks off, you ride your bike without it.
"and if it can be fixed with string or wire, it remains on my bike even after breakage"

string or wire, not magic.

but i would have a bit of fun on it with no forks, who wouldnt.
about 225 lbs o you mean the bike i will see if i can find out.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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