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My new bike

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Hello i'm new here and i'm from poland this is my new bike.

A little bit of parts
Polish alu frame
fork- cro-mo 720 gr
f/wheel - xtr - with titanium axle (drilled+painted), rim- araya drilled + painted)
r/wheel - lx 98 with titanium axle+dx32+specialized 26*2.00
cranks - lx 98 170mm
brakes f/r shimano xt-v 2003
Frame is red :cool:
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that a custom frame? :yum:
Very :cool:

From reading the specs, it sounds like it would be a very light bike, thanks for sharing :bigthumb:
No. It's Polish made - called QUATTRO - almost the same with KOXX i bought this frame.
wow that thing looks like it's built up very light!

i really like the fact that it has a vee mount in the back :D
any idea what the wheel base is? loks very nice, especially the v mount.
I GET THE LB! :joshers:
wheel base- about 1050mm
Thats my bike on the same frame. I'm too from Poland:D
IT's weight about 10kg, but it will be lighter:D I'm changing crank, back wheel, front tire, fork (I will have Cannondale Pepperoni:D), and few more things:D
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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