My last thoughts on Big Bear

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by jimmybikes, May 26, 2004.

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    I have read some of the things people have mentioned about Big Bear on this and other boards.

    Yes, there is no doubt the turn out was low, but other than that, everything else was better than any Big Bear I have ever seen!

    JP, set some great courses, they were tough by US Standards, even if it would have been a BIU comp. Not using pedals and bashquards just made it even tougher. Is that bad? I doubt it, comps should teach you what you can't do and point out what you need to work on...if you want to look good and feel good, do videos or ask your sweetheart to tell you how good you are! Don't take that too seriously, I was only trying to make a point. Use comps to find your weaknesses.

    Jeremy had 22 or 23 dabs, but 15 of them was on one move, not one course, but one move! If he would have dabbed that one move his score would have still been much lower than the winner of a comps score should be. In other words, I am saying the courses are still not on par with European courses but they are hard enough to let US riders learn where they are at on a world level and hopefully work to improve things from there!

    Did the riders, have fun??? It sure looked like it to me. If they weren't having fun, then I have never seen a fun comp. For Jeremy it was the most fun he has ever had at a comp.

    He had a blast hanging out with everyone and riding with them when he could. He would like to ride with every one more, but he has to worry about over training and has decided to stick to his guns and not over ride at events.

    His best riding times were with Ryan, who has made huge improvements, and Ryan loves the harder courses, then there was that old guy riding a GT, we never could figure out who he was, but he was riding very well for a "old Guy", in fact he would have done some butt kicking if he was in the comp and you could see his eyes light up when he was watching Jeremy ride, and sure enough latter he broke the bike out and cut loose. With a little practicing he could still be competing well.

    Jeremy was also very impressed with his friend Nathan, he really enjoys watching him ride and wishing he was that strong!

    Poor, Kevin had a melt down after a very hard crash that could have hurt him bad...he should have had spotters! Any way after that crash, he did not ride any where near his actual level. These were hard courses for a first time pro to begin with and once you loose it, are done, just like Kevin was. If Kevin gets over this and can learn to laugh about it someday he will be a great US rider! If anyone didn't have fun, it would have been Kevin.

    It is hard to mention all the riders, but you guys are all getting better, there is no doubt about it, and Paul once you get over your accident from a while back, you are going to get a lot better, some times the body heals quicker than the mind, your body is fine, once your mind figures out how good you really are, it should be very exciting for you.

    The judges did a great job for their first time, and everyone was thankful for them. It was like being in Canada at a comp, Judges and everything!

    I want to thank everyone for coming out and Pancho (sp) too bad about your car. By the way you are doing a great job of riding, but would be wise to use spotters sometimes...Jeremy does! Hurt riders don't ride their best!!!

    I had a great time watching both days, thanks for the great time.

    I would love to be in Colorado this week-end, it could very well make US Trials History! I expect great riding and a great turn out, the courses should be hard, and Jeremy is looking forward to learning what he can from one of the best riders in the World!!! It doesn't get much better in this country!

    I hope none of the riders are offended by what I have said, I did not mean the comments in a negative way, but rather I am hoping they will help you out in future comps.

    Jim VanSchoonhoven
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    jim- thanks for being really supportive all weekend! you have been through this before so your input on the grander scheme is really valuable to me! i think after that crash everything about me went wrong. i wasnt having any fun and then a few other... well a ton more mistakes were just compounding my grumpy attitude. once the comp part of it was over i was having a blast. the pre and post comp stuff was awesome. seeing the legendary 'old guy' and being around a bunch of great people was really fun! the sections were tough and i think that had i been riding like i should have i would have had a much better experience. this was a teachign experience in its own sense though. i need to learn to ignore the mistakes and focus on what's ahead rather than stay all pissy and make things worse. stupid logs... ;)

    it was great to get out there and experience this event this year. everyone that didnt make it missed a real great time. hopefully next year will be even better!

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    Now Kevin that's the spirit, Jeremy and I will help you out any way that we can, and hopefully one day in the next year or two you will at least be totally pushing Jeremy in these comps or beating him!

    Just don't expect him to ever take that with out him trying his hardest to beat you.

    Jeremy will never like losing, but I do know he would be proud to be beat by any US rider that could go on and do well any where in the world.

    Part of his goals and mine is to one day have it so European riders come to the US for good comps and to ride against the best riders. Maybe that will never happen, but we are trying to do what we can to make it happen, this whole series and the whole world team and training camps that Stevo and JP are doing is about building the stucture for people like you and Ryan and many others to some day have every advantage possible to be their best and to go as far as possible.

    Of course as an Athlete Jeremy would love to be on top, but his joy comes from doing his best no matter how good or bad that is and trying to improve, and he would love to one day see other US riders improving because of the things he is trying to do right now.

    Good luck in Colorado!

    If in doubt dab and live to ride the next day and use spotters!

    Jim VanSchoonhoven