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my first trials movies..

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hey all,

well i got a new video camera 2 days and have been doing film making . ive made 3 video's, the first one is the only one with music and real editing and all, but the others are still good .

anyway, here are the links, please watch my video's and give me feedback!

my first video, featuring me and alex markwart from canberra, mind you this ride was absolutely shocking, so i didnt have much footage to work with .


just me doing my backyard section


how many ways can you think of to get up and down this???



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Hey dude, any chance you could bash them all into one vid for us?

Theres a download limit of 2 files per day on that site you see :(

Ya that would be great because I have to wait a day inbetween each one.
But I'll still watch them
yeah ok im doing that now....waiting for compression and uploading and stuff....
here we go, all inone .

byt the way im sorry about the quality, i still need to do some experimenting to try to get the quality up, but not too up, like at first this video was around 1gigabite for the whole lot...now its 11.19 megs but its too small . anyway, yeah, tell me what ya think . thanks :bigthumb:

Ok heres a few suggestions:
Put the video in any other format than quicktime. No really, any other format will do.

Try to back up more and get the peoples heads in the shots. In some of the clips i couldnt see the persons head who was riding.

Don't over edit the video. Sometimes special effects look pretty cool but when you put too many of them it looks crappy.

Anyway these are just my thoughts, so don't take them too seriously, nice videos otherwise. :cool:
yeah ok, ill take those into account, i am making a natural video now, it will take me a little while to get the footage but anyway, thanks for the suggestions!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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