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Discussion in 'Your Bike Trials Media' started by dart69, Feb 29, 2004.

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    Frame: Echo Urban
    Fork: Cr-Mo NoName
    Handlebar: Monty 02'
    Steam: ECHO
    Headset: BBB a-head 1.1/8 '
    Bottom Bracket: Kinex Slovakia 73/127
    Cranks: FSA Power Pro 22t
    Pedals: VP- 566
    Chain: Shimano IG-90
    Cassete: Shimano STX 18t
    Rear Hub: Shimano XT 93' HG
    Front Hub: On foto: Shimano LX now it's Sachs New Success Disc
    Rear Rim: Mavic D521CD
    Front Rim: Mavic 217 S Sunset (405g!)
    Spokes: F: DT Champion R: DT Alpine 3
    Front Brake: Magura HS-33 2003
    Rear Brake: Magura HS-22 2003
    Brake Levers: MAgura HS-33 2003
    Brake Pads: Koxx Bloxx
    Rear Tyre: Larsen TT 2,3 Kevlar
    Front Tyre:IRC Mythos XC 1,95 Kevlar, Korea
    RockRing: PA6 Aluminium 8mm, HomeMade
    Rear Booster: RB
    Weight: 10,5kg

    I'm Planing to Have a disc Brake on front. It will be Grimeca sys.8 160mm. I'm thinking about change my fork to Echo Urban or if i have $ Koxx Forxx. In near future i will buy IRC El Gato tyre on rear and Panaracer Fire XC pro on Front... I love this bike :) :D
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    Think the pics are big enough? J/K....

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    hmm... actually urban aint the right bike... my friend was able to ride it 4 months and everything left was a pile of pipes.... :down:

    ...sorry about the spelling....
  4. Shipley

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    Hey dart, don't believe the hype about the Urban breaking. I've had mine since they were released almost a year ago now. It's taken a beating and it showing no signs of stopping. I've got a friend who was so impressed with mine that he got one as well. He not only does trials on his but has also whooped up in freeride competitions with his 3 inch suspension fork against guys with 10inch dual suspension rigs, not to mention the backflips he just learned on it. Enjoy it...
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    i havn't seen any urbans snap either. i know a guy running dual hayes 185 (i think) disks on there and the setup is godly, and it has lasted him since they came out over here. its a little short for me but it suits him. hey, i like my bikes as long as possible.

    hey, i think i have the same fork as you. at least it looks exactly the same and is crmo. kinda reminds me of a zoo fork in the forward backward flex, but has the most flex on the brake studs i have ever seen :rofl:
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    nice bike how much did da hole set up cost
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    All set cost me 4600 PLN = 1055 $ (1PLN=3.9828$) = 950 Euro (1PLN=4.8467Euro).