My Echo Pure '1060'

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    if the pics show up, then theyre pictures of my echo pure 1060. I dont think its actually 1060, i think its closer to 1075 (wow, 15mm, not.)
    Here's a list of parts
    Echo Pure 1060 frame
    Echo Pure fork, maggie+disk mounts:naughty:
    CK iso/tryall xl (39mm, single wall)/fire xc front wheel :bigthumb:
    CK classic/tryall xxl (double wall, 47mm)/ maxxis mobster 2.5 ST40
    Tryall pedals
    Tryall stem (105x15) and bar (29")
    Magura Louise front and Hs33 (sooo sweet)
    CK headset (red, oohh ya) :wuteva:
    Shimano xt cranks with see bb, im switchin to echo cranks cause of the tiny bash ring. I ride UCI but i think it'll be easier with small bash ring.
    Shimano 105 road deraileur, super strong.

    the fourth picture is one of me hoppin to the almost vertical part of the tree, flop test, nada.

    and check out more of my pics on my gallery, EchoPure89

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    nice bike man..what is the weight of that bike?