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Movie Night- PF and MS2 in denver

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Hey Y'all

my shop is going to be having a little movie premier night/party going on this saturday (20th). doors open at 6:00pm and the movies will start around 8. it is at the Bicycle Werx (6336 Leetsdale Dr.) near the corner of Monoco and Leetsdale in south denver. there will be food, drinks, dj's, bikes to ride, prizes and give aways, fun to be had. we will be showing a mini premier of Paradise Found (about half of it for time reasons) and then show the main feature- Idun's Monkey Style 2. Considering almost no one saw monkey style 1 (one of the best mtn bike street videos you can possibly find) chances are you will be in for quite a nice treat with MSII (the new cream of the mtn street crop). Paradise Found will feature Bill Robinson, Mike Snyder, Josh Stevenson, Theo Takeda, Carlos Hernandez, and myself. MSII will feature the top 26" street riders out there (yes there are others beside aaron chase) like Chris Danahoe, Dylan Trembley, Nigel Quarless, Julien Munier, Ryan "Manifesto" Leech and many more.

contact # for the Werx- 303-399-BIKE

hope to see everyone there!
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wow, looks like everyone and every single one of their friends will be there based on the replies above!

well anyways, group ride in denver that saturday if anyone wants to go. either lego park or downtown... doesnt matter to me. start around 11 or noon... any takers?

if denver riding is "gay" or something, dont come.
Sorry Kevin. . . No can go, I have relatives in town.
bummer- o well. make sure you come to our premier of Manifesto! when details start coming together for that one i will post about it. anyone else up for some riding saturday?
Tryin to lay the guilt trip on us ehh?

The movie thing doesn't sound bad, but seriously can't stand watching kranked type movies any more. I'd come just to support and watch PF, but it IS in South Denver, and I'll be in my car Saturday headed home for the holidays.

Hope you have a good time though, I'm sure everyone will love PF too.

I'll be there.

And by there, I mean New Jersey.
I think the colorado springs crew may head up for the saturday ride.

Friday night before christmas break? I think I'm gonna stick around here, so as to be able to be performing at the highest level on saturday
ill try to make it and bring at least one other dude

as of right now id be up for a group ride but i dont know what i have going. where do you usually meet?
Whoa... this'll be my 3rd post ever, and 1st one ever without any kind of purpose other than to express personal opinion. I'm becoming such a message-board-er, no?

Anyways, sorry to disagree with you, Bill, but I felt I absolutely NEEDED to say something in defense of street riding (in this case, Monkey Style/Aaron Chase-type movies)
Bill said:
The movie thing doesn't sound bad, but seriously can't stand watching kranked type movies any more.
Although the riding in Kranked-style freeride movies is typically sick in its own skewed way (seeing how big one can inflate his balls and point his bike off the tallest drop he can find, or as Josh so often eloquently describes these people, "hucker-fuckers"), the style of riding I see in the more street-focused (MS/AC-type) videos is WAY more impressive and fun to watch in my opinion, showcasing really TECH street, dirt, and park moves/riders and less of the adrenaline-associated "big stuff." I'm not saying that either of these types of videos don't contain elements of the other's focus, but I can tell you that I find myself fast-forwarding through the bulk of most freeride videos to see no more than 10 minutes of sick street footage (and in some cases, 3 minutes of Ryan Leech) while watching the entirety of any street videos, bearing through the minimal freeride-ish sections. All the same, I try to keep an open mind about things, and still have a HUGE amount of respect for the seemingly few freeride guys who complement their testosterone with skill (Tyler Klaussen, Darren Berrecloth, etc.).

To put it simply, freeride and street are definitely NOT the same thing, and shouldn't be categorized as such. I'm guessing that, because there aren't very many street-MTB videos out (I don't think JIB is very representative... except for Von, Chris Stewart, and Julien), you haven't really seen any, and hence shouldn't be tired of watching them. But what do I know?? Maybe you have and actually are tired of watching them, or would be once you DO see a couple. It's definitely not trials, either, and tames in comparison to what they're doing in BMX. And who knows... maybe a year ago I would've had NO interest whatsoever in any kind of video NOT trials-related.

Sorry for the painfully long rant... maybe it's a good thing I hardly ever post. Anyways, I'm not trying to convince people to come down for the movie premier who initially wouldn't have any interest (you should anyways), but I know I'm going solely to see the new Monkey Style... as much as I've seen that worthy follow-up to Milton's Paradise Lost. If it's anywhere near as good a Kevin says (WAY better than the first, which was pretty sick already), then it should be a jolly-swell flick!! As for the ride before-hand, I'm down as well (which I told you already last night, Kev.), although I have a feeling it might be unaccommodating for either street or trials riders... I've found it's really hard to have a group of both, but that's another topic altogether. Kevin, I'm guessing you'll be riding the Koxx? Man... I really need to get a trials bike together again (CATS last night really made me realize that).
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Bill HATES bmx movies, which are about 38730940284091280912830291328320^3940 times better than any mtb street movies, so take from that what you will.

I don't understand why people go ride a shitty spring boarded place with a bunch of 2x4's when you could be riding outside on real things in a t-shirt as well?
Where and when is Saturdays ride? Is it going to be right before the video thing? Is it a trials ride or street? I'm getting confrused.
Patrick said:
Where and when is Saturdays ride? Is it going to be right before the video thing? Is it a trials ride or street? I'm getting confrused.
ride saturday is in denver- probably downtown. figure starting around 11-noon is good. plan is to ride for a while then head over to the bike shop to watch the films. the ride is a trials/street mix of who ever shows up on whatever bike they please.
For some reason I thought the movie thing was going to be FRIDAY night. This time I do actually have a legitimate reason to not make the movie night, unfortunatly. Christmas dinner or something....

Anyway, I'll definitly be up for riding before hand, so count me and probably a couple other springs riders in...
cool cool, hope to see you there. i will post when and where to meet after talking with some more peeps.
Just out of curiosity Kevin, did you guys have the date on the flyers that you handed out? I noticed the ad in Westword did not have the date on it. That may be why the turn out was rather low.
yeah, all the hand out fliers had the dates on em... i figure lots of people were out of town for holidays too. no explanation as to why all my school peeps didnt show- o wait, none of em appreciate cycling.

speaking of cycling... i need to hit some park action- i'll be at espn in an hour.
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