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    Where do you guys (and girls?) get your inspiration? Do you have enough self motivation to keep on going by yourself, or do you require some sort ofp ush from your friends and family to help you along. It just seems that to me there are a bunch of people that can propel themselves to happiness without the help of others. i find it hard to stay motivated myself duringthe week becuase I'm always thinking about money, work etc..... Whats your motivational factor in riding? Let's see just how different we really are amongst ourselves, people of a common interest.
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    To forget about work/money/chores/school loans etc

  3. Andreas

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    I'm not sure about others, but right now I'm in what I think is going to be among the top stages regarding happiness/fun factor in riding. at my level of riding im starting to be able to go 'big'. to me that means that i'm able to gap reasonably far, which means i can get from point a to point b. i can also up decently high, which means that getting up picnic tables etc are fun. also, techy stuff is getting better. that means natural suddenly just got 10x more fun now that rear wheel moves on rocks are cake.

    all this means that when i go out riding, i can always pick out new lines that i've never seen before. lines meaning ups, drops, gaps all in the same time frame. to me this is so fun because now i can ACTUALLY utilize the obstacles around me. when i first started out i used to think about things like the lines i do (by no means are they crazy, but to me they are ;) ), and now that i can do them it gives me a big feeling of accomplishment. that alone lets me know that in this short year and some months that i've been riding, i've come quite a way.

    another factor that has sparked my riding desires lately is riding with people better than me.
    1-i get a new sense of enjoyment of riding pros ride in real life, and they also help push me to go bigger. that and it's also nice to have the company of other riders
    2-i went riding with people 6 months ago. i thought the moves they did were INSANE and there was no way i could ever do them. 6 months later and i'm telling THEM what some good lines are (and the other way around, but it's still cool that i can ride WITH them, as opposed to....around them if you get what im saying. we ride more or less the same lines...).

    so basically it's all about progression. when i improve fast, it makes me want to ride more. when i ride more, it makes me improve faster. it's like a train with no brakes on a downhill slope, it keeps on accelerating....or something
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    My motivation has completely changed in the last six months...

    I was really enjoying trials riding, especially the tech aspect of riding hard (not big, but hard) natural lines. A frame change left me dissatisfied with some components, which lead me to design better ones and start working with manufacturers to prototype. That's all changed now...I spend 70 hours a week working and driving to/from work and I don't have time to manage half a dozen small projects and constantly remind manufacturers that I have deadlines. So I decided to scrap them all. Fuck all those non-communicative motherfuckers. Fuck the countless hours I spent in front of a PC, designing, when I could have been riding, and fuck the general buying public who is more consumed with image than with a solid product. Oh, and while I'm fucking things...fuck Chris at Section7 for wrongly giving credit to Bill Tongue for a product I designed and fuck him again for not publicly setting the record straight after I corrected him.

    Now I'm motivated to ride my MTB as often as possible. I want to get back into the condition I was in ten years ago when I was racing. I've somehow managed to gain about 15lb of lean body mass without even trying, but with an additional 25lb of junk. To ride for an hour with my HR sitting between 180 and 190 bpm motivates me to get out and ride. To get out and test my physical capabilities and find my own limits and try to improve myself and my health. Often, I'm motivated to go for a ride in the woods with my girlfriend and take pictures of odd things that I find along the way. To get out and ride to NOT think about the 15 hours a week I waste sitting in traffic to get to/from work, to forget that housing isn't affordable to me within a reasonable driving distance from DC. I also ride to remind myself that I'm lucky enough to have parents with the common sense to get the fuck out of Marion Ohio when I was too young to know I was there...and then again to get out of Charleston SC before I started elementary school, and to try to appreciate what I have, so I can again appreciate what is offered in the next state I will call home.
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    my only motivation is really appreciation for the sport and the possibilty of improving. trials is just so endless, and it seems at least for me that I have a ton more to learn, which is another thing which motivates me. it would seem hard to improve at trials if you werent really movitvated because its not too easy.

    I dont have people to ride with in NJ, but I've been in Colorado for a week now, and riding with other people like Mike, Pancho, Josh and Mario has been a lot of fun which is another reason to ride
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    I think the biggest motivation for me is that my parents finally butted out for once. I raced BMX for three years and got bored of it. I raced XC and downhill for two or three years, sucked at it, and got bored of it. The competition part just bugged me too much and my parents wanted to see me do well and they didn't want to waste their money if I was just going to do a half assed job training and such. Now that I enjoy driving to a certain extent my parents don’t have to go to every event I compete in so that forces me to create my own motivation. If I don’t practice for a while they don’t say shouldn't you go practice or there is a competition coming up you seem not to be riding as well they just leave me to practice on my own which at first wasn't a lot but now I look forward to practicing and I can do it anywhere pretty much so there usually isn't a reason not to practice. I am also forced to make money to pay for things so I work harder to get new parts and when I get the new parts I actually use them. It just seems like a sport that makes my want to help it rather than dominate over the rest of the competition, even though I would like to get a lot better. Well anyways after all that rambling I guess what I’m trying to say is that my motivation is that bike trials is that sport that best suites me and that motivates me to do my best in it.
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    i watch the coust's and vincent ride in videos then i want to go ride.
    and i just ride when im bored and have nothing to do.
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    i get fat and unfit if i don't
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    My motivation is kind of strange. I seem to cycle in my interests. I have a few bikes for all the different riding I do. I origianly bought a dually, and then bought a SS Chameleon. Sold the dually.Then bought a Brsia,Zebdi,and a Zoo Python. Sold the Zoo and rode the Zebdi for about 2 months and went back to the Chameleon. Bought another dually. I have recently picked the Zebdi back up and started riding it again. I actually feel better now than when I had stopped riding it. I have alot of friend around my area that ride trials and I would like to get better and be able to go ride with them alot more. I am going to sell the Brisa in another couple of weeks after I finish getting all of the parts for it to be complete again.
  10. Cole

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    ...cause I see improvement every day in myself. Each day I have an even better ride as I can ride even more obstacles. You definitely have to be self-motivated in Oregon if you ride trials, unfortunately. Trials is awesome for relieving stress too (just watch FTC 4). I get out of work everyday and drive 20 minutes to a riding spot on a river on the way home and session it for several hours. Riding different spots keeps me motivated.
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  11. Bloodhound

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    My own progression is my motivation.

    that and watching trials vids.
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    i like to ride to get out my frustrations. lately its been because of a recent break up after a long and first relationship, so i have alot of built up tention i need to get out, and i do that by riding. when i get tired, i'll stop and sit and think about why i'm the way i am, and why life is the way life is. what makes people keep pushing on, even though they seem to have nothing to live for.
    For me, with my struggle for happiness, I reallize that happiness is only temperary, and that you need real joy in your life. something to look forward to, even though life may suck right now. i've been struggling with this alot lately. for most people, they live life, only to get more, thinking that more of something will bring them happiness(i.e. beer, drugs, girls, cars, and i hate to say it, but bikes). But what happens when we die? nothing that we have now matters when we die, and no one knows when they're going to die, so what's the point of working so hard to achieve something, if you can lose it so easily. nothing of this world matters, the only thing that matters is what comes after. most people refer to it as the "after-life," when really, it is the real life. and not only for 80 years, but for all eternity. The bad thing about that is that there are only 2 options. one being a burning lake of fire for all eternity, or option #2 being an eternal life of complete joy and absolutly no pain or suffering of any kind.
    So you can either live day to day, striving for happiness, and not finding it anywhere you look, or you can live with joy and in a life serving God. That is where you find true joy.
    Living a life for God give you purpose in doing the things that you do. Like riding, you know that your ability is a God given talent that you have been blessed with, and you know that even though life may suck right now, and that the world is living in sin and destruction, that you will soon be in a place where that is all gone. "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified' do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." ~Joshua 1:9
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    i find progression does help in motivating me, however generally i ride better if i have days now and again where i don't ride at all and that way - next time i go riding - my body isn't tired from riding the previous day and you can ride to your full potential; which makes you enjoy riding more and so therefore motivates me.

  15. Orkje

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    Trials just makes me happy. I've ridden about every type of bike (bmx, xc, dh, dirtjump, road, I still ride a fixed gear road/cyclocross bike and love it) but somehow trials is different and more challenging. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I clear a line or learn a new technique, I love the fact that you can use anything in the world around you and I especially love being out in the woods, riding and jumping on rocks and logs, through water and mud...
    It's also a sport you cannot do half-heartedly: it takes 150% of concentration and dedication to get anywhere.
  16. MikeTheBike

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    Trials is where I go to escape everything else. Life is hard, trials is not.
  17. giventofly

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    You're breathing hard now, heart straining to keep up with the demand you're putting upon it. You feel the blood in your temples, pulsing behund your eyes. Your focus is strong. One tree, at the top, Lonely, and Proud. It stands, as if a beacon, calling you, daring you to try to reach it. As the strength leaves your aching legs, you push harder. It's close now, you can almost taste the tree...the earth around it, the dew dripping from it's leaves. You steal a glance behind you, the trail winding into oblivion. You've come this far. You Won't give up. You stand up, giving everything you've got.


    You begin to see the top. The roundness of the clearing like a halo upon the earth. You've made it.

    All of the earth is below you. Sprawling fields of wheat and corn, trees just turning color.....and amidst all the glory that lies before you......the reason. Plain for only you to see. While the rest of the world wonders, you know. You know why you are here.
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    Mine is the same as Andreas. about 2-3 months ago, I struggled to PK 2-3 feet, up anything higher than a curb without falling anywhere, or letting the front down.

    I pretty much ride, to see how much I improved over the previous day. If just my balance got better, then I'm satisfied, for the most part. I just DESPISE being at flatspots where it seems you can't further learn at such a fast pace I could when I started.

    But I'm at that level where I can up a picnic table SEAT, so the lines I can see, or atleast are coming into view I just can't do them as my limiting factor is my skill level :mad: Like upping onto the picnic table or ledge and riding that line...only problem is, I can't up onto the picnic table, or whatever to START riding that line.....

    Eh...time will take it's course, and hopefully, I'll be on par with it....
  19. trialspads


    Motivation...seeing riders (especially the younger ones) that are better then me do unbelievable moves that I'd consider impossible or outright nuts. Now that I'm out for few months my motivation is creating a better physique and keep in shape while I recover from my injury. The job isn't really rewarding though it pays for my bill and what not. I would love to find a job that I can enjoy but concentrate more on what I want to do without worrying about rent and bills. Like a beach bum almost but ride and enjoy life to the fullest. I feel that when I'm riding my's been an escape for me since I was three. And people tell me trials biking is not good for me but I know my limits...but I'm not giving away something where so much fun and satisfaction exists.

    Right now being able to ride again is definitely a motivation to become a better rider!!!!! :)
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    I ride just to have some sort of excitement in my life and feel a little productive. I thought this was mostly a college crowd, but the few out of school know what I mean. Every day at work feels like the day before. You could work a lot less and no one would care. You could work a lot harder and no one would care. You work with people who don't do shit and get paid more than you because they were there longer and you look at some people who have been doing at your job for 25 years and hope you won't become them.

    I ride just to remember how Monday was different from Wednesday. To try to accomplish something that means something to me, because work doesn't, and to see long term improvement. Money comes slowly and I don't even want to think how long it will take me to retire. Until I can travel or my 2 weeks vacation. Trials is a great getaway.

    Smudge. I had to deal with the long commute for 2 years. I know how you're feeling. Nothing like sitting in traffic at a dead stop with a two week old roadkill next to your car. I hope it is only temporary.