Most important move in trials (?)

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by DaneBrammage, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. DaneBrammage

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    After about ten months riding I'm thinking the single most important element in trials has finally been understood by me. In my opinion it is this: mastering the motion of pulling the bars right up against your waist area and then thrusting the bars outward (or whatever.) This seems to be a motion that is used in virtually all medium and advanced moves: Static upping and bunnyhopping, rolling upping, gapping, all other pedal kicking moves, sidehop upping... they all have that motion in common. Its the MasterMotion of all trials.

    I havent mastered this movement, but I have just (finally) figured out how to pedal kick more than a few feet with control (I'm the only trials rider in my town and thats why it took 10 months to learn (!)) I never could pedal kick until I realized I HAD to bring the bars right up next to me. Soon as I did it fell into place pretty quick.

    I dont know if this motion/element has a name.. I think I read it called the 'cantilever move' somewhere. Anyways, thats my 2 cents from Santa Fe.
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    It sucks having no one to ride with i know, but right on for doing it anyway!

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    I figured this out before I learned how to Pedal Kick. Seeing as how far out people stuck thier rear out to get distance, I decided to learn that ay from the beginning....

    But I know the feeling of riding alone...heh, the closest thing I have to a trials riding buddy is a guy that moved down here from Fort Collins/Denver 2 years ago that KNOWS what trials is, and knows the names/difficulty of all the moves cause his friends rode trials...he just rides aggressive XC, BMX and urban..
  4. hydroboy

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    either rolling or the wheelswitch where both your wheels are at roughly the same level. Of course im talking about natural riding.
  5. durkie

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    hear hear. basic rolling/jumping along rocks a bike length at a time is the move to learn. otherwise competitions will hand you your ass.
  6. xxxfr


    actually the most important move is trackstanding because if u cant balence on 2 wheels, u sure as hell cant on 1
  7. Cole

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    ...the move to Colorado.
  8. AndyT

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    ...the move to salsa apartmetn.
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    Interesting post...kind I like to sink my teeth into...careful what you ask for!

    !. Every master trials rider will tell you...usually in exceptionally bad english, "Bah-lonce is most eemportaunt".

    2. After rule #1, we need to define styles, BIU skills differ slightly from UCI skills. but I agree that "flow" is paramount in UCI while "power" probably defines BIU better. We could debate this forever but I prefer to remain diplomatic and leave it at that.

    3. After balance, I agree with the original post that the ability to preload fully, explode into the crunched pre-extension phase(with bars buried into waist) and finishing with an effective extension(arms extended-ass back) and landing it with the most important skill to learn to advance to expert skll levels. From there you can dial your sidehop and tapping and begin contemplating the incredibly merciless pro class.

    Cool post.
  10. digby

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    the most important move in trials? Mastering pulling the bar into your waist, without tapping yourself in the nuts at the same time.
  11. KeepRollin

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    So true, but honestly being able to balance forever with little effort like Caisso.
  12. DaneBrammage

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    Oh well I didnt mention balance in general or trackstanding in particular as being most important because thats a given. In other words, if I posted I five minute vid of me trackstanding without using brakes I would probably get flamed for wasting everyones time. Balance is a given in trials, and, its also just a general word. I was trying to be specific about a given movement/skill.

    As you watch any exciting trials vid, especially the english ones (i.e. urban) you'll certainly see the 'pulling the bar into the hips and then.. etc. etc.' over and over and over again. Whether you go from the hips in a circular motion and land to both wheels or you thrust outward and upward and stick it to the back wheel, I still think this motion is the specific core move of trials. Obviously you have to have balance of some kind; and also a bike.


    Another notable thing is that that move to the hips with the bar is not shared by other kinds of riding, save maybe BMX, and even they use it in a way more limited way... its not like your average bmx dude can hop on a trials bike and just start gapping and lurching any old way he feels like. Or upping.

    Its a trials thing.

    EDIT: its fucking mercilessly miserable not to have someone to ride with and motivate with. Incredibly cocksuckingly horrid. Ballbustingly sad. Lonely too.
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  13. digby

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    theres 4 trials riders here in town, they are all 30-40 mtn bikers that ride with clipless(one of them, bought my old crescent has a 2 foot seatpost on it with spds, sacrilege) pedals and only like to ride small benches and picnic tables.

    I end up riding by myself most of the time and it sucks.

    I think the important things for trials are being able to conserve your energy and always knowing where your wheels are.

    and not smacking your balls.
  14. nidoss

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    the most important move for me, is the getting off my lazy ass and getting on my bike
  15. kamil

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    i know its been said already but i think trackstanding is the most important, not just on flat, but trackstanding uphill, downhill, front wheel not moving, rear wheel not moving and every other possible variation. i think that once you have this down you will be able to focus all your energy on other moves. What good is trying to practice a sidehop if you can never get the right balance before the move, its frustrating to say the least.
  16. antidis

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    my riding buddy left for school last week, it friggan sucks... i rode everyday this summer, now it is just nowhere near as fun... if theres neone in central mass.. ah who the hell am i kidding

    Id say that the wheel replacement thing is the most important at least for competition cause i started trials doing urban, so i learnrd quickly how to do big pedal ups, big gaps, and bigger back wheel drops. And i can trackstand forever, and rock and pivot and stuff... I though i was a pretty decent trials rider.... but i never learned to simply jump from rock to rock without being able to roll, and when i went to my first natural comp i got a fucking slap in the face, and realized i had zero technical skill, so thats what ive been doin the last few weeks.
  17. RT Wolf

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    the pedalkick is more or less completely basic to most trials moves.
  18. cousinkenni

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    Same thing happened to be back in 2001? at Mt. Snow

    Funny I can really tie this thread together......... The thing is, the Kid that actually won sport at Mt. Snow that year was using clipless. Now think how I felt!

    Ken T.
  19. unlimits

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    I've seen in the videos that for sidehops (to jump over an object) a dab hand person lifts up (a bit) his right pedal and gives a little impulse on that pedal while pulls up the bike...(something like that)? you have to brake, release the brakes while you make the impulse and jump and brake in the air... Could anyone explain me it because I can't jump a shit...
  20. digby

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    I saw some guy break a rib cuz he couldnt clip out fast enough. He fell of 4 pallets I think.

    My first comp was a huge slap in the face too. I did all big moves, pedal ups, bunny hops gaps. Didnt use any of that shit, 5'd everything, which, sadly became a recurring theme for me and competitions.