More Pics from Badlands

Discussion in 'Your Bike Trials Media' started by RomanC, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. RomanC

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    Good old linux mounted the floppy w/o any problems unlike the stupid XP...
    So here are some pictures from yesterdays ride. The main reason for the post is to show that this place has some big rocks and people should come here more often.

    Isac is in most of these pics by the way (which were taken by Sam)

    The photo was taken when looking up a steep incline.
  2. sammy

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    That 3rd. pic down, does not show the severity of the drop.
    Everything was going down hill, needed another angle for a better photo.
    The Badlands is way cool, not only all the rock gardens, but having the place to or selves. The place is a Motorcycle/atv park, but this rocky area is trials/jeeps only, also being able to park right there.

    Bad news Roman, mucho snow this coming week, looks like will have to set up my shop for riding inside.


  3. trialser

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    That place looks awesome! I really want to go now. we were going to go last year but didnt get around to it. Id have to bring my motorcycle down to, looks great for both. Definatly should set a comp there. Do you ride mototrials there at all Sammy?
    I cant wait till i do.
    Have you been to the trials training center in tenneessee? We are heading there right after xmas for the 3 day cris florin school. Cant wait.