more hs-33 problems... yay

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by cck, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. cck

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    i'm still trying frantically to make my hs-33 120% before motorama. is the rule of thumb still 2 mm from the rim for the pad.. just asking cause over the summer i saw a marc vinco demo and he had his 5+ mm away from the rim, it looked crazy...
    anyway, any tricks or comments to help my hs-33s out are welcome
  2. AndyT

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    rule # 1- don't use the TPA.

    So set up your maggies so that they are far away from the rim that they hit where you want them to. Meaning your lever feel is what you want it to be. Make sure the pads are completely parallel to the rim. Make sure they are both exactly the same distance from the rim. Make sure they hit at the exact same spot on the rim.

    When you set them up far away, and use the TPA to bring them in closer the following problems will occur- Strange release, meaning one may come back and the other wont...One may go out faster than the other (much much faster). One may stick out a few MM for no reason.

  3. OTAdmin

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    Andrew basically nailed it, but I must say it is a lot easier to do with 4 bolt mounts. If you have 2 bolt mounts, set it up the way he said and it's OK to use the TPA a little bit as the pads wear down, but you should re-set them up as soon as is convenient for you. The only reason I say this is because 2 bolt mounts are a bitch, but you are liable to run into cylinder retraction problems if you use the TPA too much.