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More coustellier footage

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http://perso.wanadoo.fr/trialmars/Trialmars/Playa koost.avi A little christmas present for you guys that i found on tf.
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800 bytes a second...hmmm...I'm sure I'll get this from someone else after the holidays :)
That was a cool video, but they look different to me from that other Coustillier video. Which is which?
gilles is on the mod... giacomo is on the stock. well gilles rides a stock in there too. gilles has the shorts with the stripe down the side of them- same ones he had while kicking everyone's ass in junior 26 this year at worlds... i suck.
where can i get codec? says i need it in order to view it, as it is now there is just a song playing in windows media player
it's probably divx, go get the latest divx codec

thanks matt, it works fine now
good riding, didn't get to see much of the mod tho. i like their style, but would have liked to see more areas, not just one box the whole time (beside the small amount of natty that was there as well)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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