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Discussion in 'Your Bike Trials Media' started by Pancho, Jan 12, 2004.

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    I swear I shoot more than B&W, but lately I've been saving the expensive slide stuff for other project and just shooting the cheapo Tri-X stuff for trials. Anyway, I experimented with the flash/fisheye combo for the entire roll, so that is why some aren't that crisp or the exposure isn't great. Anyway, this is a little playground near my house that we played around on last weekend...

    I think every time I post I should post a picture of Mike being retarded, so here goes...[​IMG]

    Mike dented/cracked his rim really badly trying a 180, hard to tell but really nasty in real life.

    Dropping off the narrow back of a bench, note the eye.


    Me in the middle of a trick I don't have a name for yet: roll into an endo, then hop your left foot onto the right pedal, meanwhile your right foot does a cancan over the top tube, then back to normal for the roll out. Any name ideas?

    Mike doing an X-up, note the crappy harsh highlights from my equally crappy flash...

    Nearly killed myself getting this angle, after the shot was taken, I slipped of the edge I was perched upon. The kid was very annoying, btw, but we were very nice to him anyway...

    Again, this should show how crappy my flash is, oh and I suck at mettering too...
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    coo' pics pancho- i think for that patented P Anderson move it should be called either the Whale Eye or the Pickel Jar... just a random ass thought.

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    Dont be so harsh on yourself dude - those are sweet pics.

    Theres just something about black & white....
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    Those are some really nice pics Pancho, as Adam said, you shouldn't be so critical. If you don't mind me asking, what fish eye lense did you buy?
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    I got a Cannon something or other that was an aftermarket for my GL1, but I happened to find a nice 28-90mm lens with the same diameter as the Cannon (58mm), so I can now use it with my Pentax. It works alright, it saved me a couple of hundred dollars, but the vignetting is horrible relativly speaking, compared to the shortened focal length.

    About being critical, that is the best thing about photography for me. I love doing all the preperation involved in capturing an image, then simply pressing a button, and then criticizing the hell out of the product. I really don't like to modifiy an image after it has been printed (with the exception of in my darkroom, because that is a very similiar process as the actual photo taking), and you should note that I rarely crop, or in any way modify an image on the computer before I upload it. Considering I want to make a career out of photography, and looking at my current skill level, I'd better be EXTREMELY critical of myself if I wish to make it anywhere.

    Thanks for the compliments tho, I appreciate them.
  6. Elan

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    1 vote for pickle jar...whale eye should be reserved for somthin a little....Lot better. ;)
  7. afrobot

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    The move is called "NACHO GRANDE "