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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by t-bone, Aug 10, 2004.

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    I have noticed on most of the stock bikes the derailer is pulled up and forward and on my Norco it is in a standard position. I assume it is for better clearance. how do they do this? do you take a shit load of links out and is there a limit to the amount or any guide to doinging this?. my derailer is a shimano Sora should I look for another after it wears out or think about replaceing it sooner? Im putting a longer stem on and the stock bars are Amoeba's, is this a good bar? Im a begginer and would a different bar make much of a difference at this point? I have looked at the Koxx and other frames and see the difference between them and my norco, is there any major difference besides weight do to less material? I have hered many say some popular bikes don't hold up to long.
    Thanks for listining.

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    Heya dood, u'll find that people do taht to there mech to try and eliminate all that banging around the mech does. if u try and take out as many links as possible then either put sumthing between the mech and frame or zip tie to the frame (provid u don't use ure gears)
    and about the bars i would go for some azonic or easton bars. thou if u like the bars stick with it.

    hope that helps