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monday, riding your bike.

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i dont know how the colorado springs thing went, or if anybody else is off from school or work, but i want to ride tomorrow. i dont really want to drive to fort collins, but if that is where the only action is, then ill be damned. :?
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ok ,so its andrew's place for HT at ~12:00... :bigthumb:
elan.....i think im gonna ride tomorrow!
FC in the house....I'll bring the orange wedges. :greddy:
fagmos...plan is 12 at my house.

Me and katie just had a gushers raace, i ate 2 boxes in 10 minutes she was far far behind. I feel very sick.
i am running late..but ill be there sooner or later... ima call andrew before i leave
omg....my orange wedger broke....looks like I'll have to use a knife...be there by 12
fun ride, good footie
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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