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Mod Tires, get em while they're hot

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Got some Tryall mod tires in yesterday. For all those out there who needed some, just shoot me an email.

PS I got 2 front mod ones as well......
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as from what i said on bt.com......"oh ya, for any mod rider out there: these tyres are the absolute shiz! they fookin rock! best EVAR for natty and the like. the stick to everything out there, wet or dry. they also love wet, slimy rocks. for urban, they are great too, they have a little bit too much rolling resistance tho, so if your a bunnyhop kinda guy that needs tons of speed and all you do is urban, these may not be right for you. but, you can get an extra few inches on ups because of awesome grippage "
thats some uh, nice advertising there BiKe4EvEr :rofl:
I don't think most mod riders care about rolling resistance. We're always the last ones to get to the riding spot across town and we likes it that way.

You can tell the hardcore urban mod riders by their pants cuffs. Man you ain't lived till you've had your trousers ripped off by the front freewheel.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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